Zumba and DIET Chocolate Cake

If you are an avid Girl Gone Healthy reader then you know that Tuesday is my fave “work out” day of the week! Because……


As usual Bernie was incredible and indulged me with my fave routine, Down! If you have a Zumba class available in your area I highly suggest you take it. Don’t hide behind the “I can’t or don’t dance” excuse. At Fit World we have a line of Senior Citizens that take up the back row of our Tuesday AM class…..they only get about 1/2 the moves but the work it out the whole time. It’s fun and it’s the easiest cardio ever! Go try it!

After my sweat fest I came home to try a new product that I picked up at Start My Diet when we purchased the hubby’s goodies. It’s called Elite Protein and I used the Chocolate Peanut Butter flavor.


One packet was 1 serving and I chose to mix it with my Silk, need those vitamins! It was just OK……didn’t taste bad but it didn’t fill me up at all. That doesn’t make me happy. I ended up eating a yogurt about 45 minutes later. When I use my Amazing Grass I’m full just like when I eat a “real” meal.  Can’t love everything right?!

As for the afternoon, I did lots of laundry and put together some last minute Christmas gift bags. AND……this box of goodies arrived for me!!


So awesome! My new friends at Bear Naked sent them over to me for review!!! YAY! I will be starting with the FIT cereal tomorrow AM. Watch for my thoughts!

We also ran out to grab the funniest movie ever, on out DVD/Blue Ray TODAY……THE HANGOVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can’t wait to watch it tonight!!!

For dinner I made GGH Turkey Tacos and for dessert a yummy Diet Chocolate Cake, recipe compliments of Ms.Zumba-Bernie!

GGH Turkey Tacos:


-2 lbs pound ground white turkey

-box blue corn taco shells

-1 avocado sliced

-1 package seasoning either taco or fajita-anything with a Mexican spin will do 😉

-2% Mexican cheese


To start cook up ground turkey until well done. Add in seasoning according to package directions or to your own liking if doing from scratch. Allow seasoning and turkey to mingle in skillet getting nice and thick. Meanwhile slice up avocado and set aside. Once turkey is nice and thick from the seasoning spoon into taco shells, top with cheese and pop into pre heated 425 oven until cheese is melted.Remove from oven and plate up with avocado slices on the side! (Cooks note: my taco shell box suggests warming shells in pre heated 425 oven for 3 minutes before filling and re-warming. Follow the directions on your box they will taste better!)

My pretty serving plate.



As if that wasn’t delish enough……Chocolate Cake for dessert!

This recipe is an old Weight Watchers secret that I had heard of but never tried. Bernie told me that she makes it all of the time and it’s yummy and I love me some dessert so why not?!

Diet Chocolate Cake: You’re gonna love this…..

-1 package Chocolate cake mix, your choice. I used Pillsbury Chocolate mix.

-1 can Diet Cherry Dr.Pepper

Combine mix and can of soda in large bowl. Using mixer blend until batter is smooth. Bake cake according to package instructions. For my box’s instructions it was: greased 9×13 pan for 35 minutes at 350. Came out PERFECT!!! Topped with a dollop of Light Cool Whip!!!! YOWZA!


Best 195 calorie dessert I’ve had in a loooooooong time! Thanks Bernie ;).

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Off to watch my movie and enjoy a glass of Bradley Cooper….

Ooooops sorry I mean off to watch my movie and enjoy a glass of White Merlot! Have a great night!

Have a wonderful night!

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