Zone Perfect Bar,yard work, and some shoe shopping


Since we have started our Healthy Mission the hubby, Ryan, has become quite the outdoorsmen. He is obssessed with our yard and his always watering it and mowing it. Sooooo funny!! I was excited to see that the Wildflower seeds I had thrown down 7 months ago were FINALLY showing blooms. It was nice to get outside and enjoy the sunshine for a bit while Zachary napped. After our yard work, which was work, it was actually HOT for RI today we made up a quick salad for lunch and took off for some shoe shopping. My salad was super BORING as I wasn’t really that hungry. It was literally spinach leaves, parmesean cheese sprinkles, and some pita with Asian Wish Bone Spritzer. BORING.




Shoe shopping for Ryan was fun and I found a really cute pair of Reebok yoga pants that were on SALE! However, they left the sensor on them so I have to take them back, :(. I was looking forward to wearing them for night miles tonight! Oh well…. After all of the excitement of shopping and finding such cute pants on SALE I needed a snack. We ran into Target to pick up a couple of things and I snagged a Zone Perfect bar. I had never tried them before and I have to say I really liked it. Great snack, super filling. It has 6g of fat, 22g of carbs-which I was not toooo happy about but it was the lowest carb bar available, and 12g of protein. I’m really trying to lay off of the carbs for snack time as all of my carbs live in my middle section, they have taken PERMANENT residence there. But all in all it satisfied my hunger and I know it will last me until dinner.



For our PM workout Zachary and I are going to hit up the track for some laps and playground time if it’s not crowded. I haven’t decided what we will be consuming for dinner yet, but when I do I will let you know! Also, I will be posting a different version of Ms. Kelly’s Zucchini Cake complete with Mascarpone Frosting….it’s DELISH!

I hope everyone had a GREAT Tuesday Afternoon!

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  • Love your wildflower garden. Been raining all day and now into night, no bike riding for me, I hate a day with no exercise. 🙁 When we come to RI we’ll have to go for a run.

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