You DO Have Time

You DO Have Time

While I really love the gym for several reasons: getting out of the house, I have two kids, alone time, wide variety of equipment, being around others who are fitness minded…..sometimes time is a factor and that’s when I love quick but effective routines like the one below. It really reminds me there are NO EXCUSES if you have 10, 15, 20 minutes then you CAN Fit in Fitness. Check it out.

Girl Gone Healthy’s Quick Awesome Arms

(Weights can be used for this routine if available; you may also use filled water bottles – 1 for each hand)

Reverse Fly 1 set 10-12 reps
Cross Jab 1 set 10-12 reps
Arm Circles 1 minute rest for 1 minute then repeat 3 times
Chair Dip (no weights)
Plank 40 seconds minimum

Complete full routine 2 to 3 times through for maximum sweat and Beast Mode feeling

Reverse Fly: Move can be done either seated or bent at waist. Starting with hands at just below knee level if seated or just above knee level if standing, extend arms out to sides keeping them shoulder level, bring arms back to start position- that is 1 rep. Continue movement until 10-12 repetitions are completed.

Cross Jab: Start in fighters stance as shown in picture, punch with right arm reaching across the body and bring arm back to start, repeat same movement using left arm- that is 1 rep. Continue movements until 10-12 repetitions are completed.

Arm Circles: Extend arms out to side, keep them shoulder level. Making small circling motions pump arms in forward circles counting to 10-12 slowly, repeat motion going in opposite direction counting to 10-12 slowly. Rest for 1 minute and repeat. Feel free to hold weights.

Chair Dip: Place hands on corner edges of chair with arms straight, extend legs out in front of you with feet flat on the ground, lower yourself down to almost ground level (do not let bottom touch the ground), then raise back up to start position- that is 1 rep. Continue dipping motion until 10-12 repetitions are completed.

Plank: Choose which ever position, forearm or military, and hold position making sure bottom is tucked in and core is engaged, hold the position for a minimum of 40 seconds. This move is a total body work out but only effective if position is held correctly for entire time. is a great morning work out or evening work out during “TV Time”….. you know when you’re sitting after you said you didn’t have time to work out ;-).

Happy Toning!

Healthy Wishes, T


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