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For many of you reading, tonight marks the end of a very nice Holiday vacation.

For the rest of us it’s another week….but on the bright side the market and the malls won’t be nearly as crowded with everyone back at work :). (Sorry friends!) My weekend was really nice and fairly busy. Saturday was the best though, we had Girl’s Night at MGM Grand at Foxwoods in CT!

We saw Hairspray and had second row-middle-seats, it was amazing! After a spectacular show we had a little bite to eat at Junior’s and played a few slots while sipping cocktails. Huge thank you to my Mother In Law and Auntie In Law’s for a really special night, let’s do it again SOON!

The only way to top such a fun night and a great weekend was to head on over to Fit World for Kick N Shred with Lea followed by Zumba with Sean. INSANE Sunday morning work out! Lea made one of her famous “hit ’em” cd’s and the class just rocked! I was sweating by song #2….LOVE THAT! Zumba was fun too! This was my first class with Sean, and while I LOVE me some Bernie, Sean was super cute and fun! Great way to start the morning!

Fit World will be bringing back their AWESOME enrollemnt deal for ONE DAY ONLY! Saturday January 9th from 12 to 5pm!!!

You can join Fit World of Cranston for $0 down and $29 a month!!! That’s a $1 a day to change your life!  Check out for more details!

Phone: (401) 464-4055

On Saturday, January 9th there will be prizes and some very nice surprises 😉 during that 12 to 5p time frame! I will be stopping by at some point so if you’d like to swing by and say hi, let me know! I would love to meet you and take you on a tour of Rhode Island’s newest state of the art facility! Hope to see you there!!!

Onto tonight’s Pledge 20 business!!! It’s Day 3 and I have been flooded with emails…THANK YOU! I promise I will be writing back to each of you through out the week. I like to be very thorough and I’m a tad bit backed up. Keep them coming because I do answer my emails! A popular topic in the recent batch of emails seems to be bored with working out, running questions, and how many calories am I burning. So let’s do some Q and A!!!

1st Topic: Work Out Boredom-

This is so common friends, and this usually plays a huge role in why most people quit the gym or just give up all together. Don’t get stuck in a rut, you are just setting yourself up for failure!!! Most facilities offer classes that are either included in memberships or can be packaged in for a low rate. (At Fit World they are INCLUDED 😉 ) Take the classes guys! Don’t be afraid!!! They are there to help you spice up your work out and they challenge you and your body to work out differently. The instructors are there to assist you in proper form/technique and they are trained to push you-appropriately of course. Plus, in a class setting they encourage you to hoop and holler which in turns opens the diaphragm causing you to breathe better and in turn helping you to burn more calories! We all know what happens when we burn calories….YOU LOSE WEIGHT! So get in there and take a class, sign up to see a trainer, put on the big girl pants and head over to the weight section…..YOU CAN DO IT! Pledge 20 is all about YOU and YOUR transformation, make it happen!

2nd Topic: Running-

Running is my husbands answer to everything….I hate that. If I complain about not losing one week his answer is well you should’ve run more. For me, personally, running is boring now. I do it but I try and get it over with. It’s far to cold to run outside and when I get on the tready down stairs it becomes an angry run because it’s as old as the hills. However, it is effective and I do manage to put in several miles per week. Many of you inquired on talking, singing, or running with a buddy and how it effects your run. My thoughts are: if you can run and sing/talk, not get winded and it helps you achieve a great run-by all means work those pipes! Running with a buddy helps me tremendously! Even if I don’t know the person next to me on the tready I run with them. I will find their cadence and match it! I have been known to glance over at their tready peek at their settings and set my tready to their settings and run with them. It makes me run faster and longer. So fellow Fit World member if I end up next to you try not to run 15 miles…..I have no desire LOL. On a final note, I run to music and I kind of dance run. I run to the beat and I actually have a specific “running” playlist on my iPhone. I also found these great tips for breathing during a run/jog! Check it out:

  • Breathe out when your left foot strikes the ground (supposed to relieve side cramps on your right side)
  • If you run to music, sing along (helps control breathing)
  • Use long deep breaths while inhaling and exhaling
  • Breathe in two quick breaths through the nose, then two quick breaths out through the mouth
  • 3rd Topic: How many calories am I burning?-

    This is probably the most popular question everyone has when it comes to working out. I have a couple of great websites that you can refer to as well as some calorie “facts” below that may help. Just remember you and I could be doing the exact same work out, start at the same time, go just as hard, and finish at the same time and our calorie burn may be completely different. Everyone burns differently so these are just merely suggestions/averages. Enjoy!

    – When you go for a 30-minute run, moving at a pace of 10 minutes per mile (6 mph), you’ll end up burning 320 caories

    -LOVE this site


    Calories burned per hour*
    Based on a 160-pound person

    1. 986 calories burned: Running at 8mph
    2. 913 calories burned: Rollerblading
    3. 730 calories burned: Tae Kwon Do
    4. 730 calories burned: Jump rope
    5. 657 calories burned: Stair treadmill
    6. 584 calories burned: Jogging at 5mph
    7. 511 calories burned: Backpacking
    8. 511 calories burned: Racquetball
    9. 511 calories burned: Cross-country skiing
    10. 511 calories burned: High-impact aerobics

    * Values from the Mayo Clinic Exercise for Weight Loss chart

    I hope that you find the topics covered informative and helpful, and as always I encourage you to contact me with your questions, comments, complaints, and concerns!!! Have a great night, and an even better Day 4! You can still Pledge 20-so do it!!

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