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I have been receiving a ton of emails regarding working out on a budget or working around a tough schedule. First, to be honest the whole scheduling thing is a total excuse! Sorry but it’s true. I have a 2 yr old Autistic son who is in school 3 mornings a week and therapy 2 afternoons a week and if I can find some way to be active so can you! Plus, I know I’ve said a million times that I lost the bulk of my weight outside of the gym, and you can too!

Today’s post I can guarantee to find a work out for any budget! From $0 a week to $300 a month I can work you out! No excuses!!!

So grab your sweats, strap on the pedometer and heart monitor and Let’s Get Physical!!!

Getting your exercise on is really easier than you think! You can burn tons of calories just by cleaning your house, working in the garden, or even indulging in a post dinner walk. Find a nice park or trail in or around your neighborhood/town and make it a point to spend at least 30 minutes walking. 30 minutes a day with a raised heart rate will do wonders for your energy level, and you’ll find if you do it at night you’ll sleep so much better!

I can already hear the wheels turning with excuses from some of you….it’s to hot, I’m to tired,I don’t like being outside……well let’s take our sweat fest indoors! I’m no stranger to not wanting to be outside, my journey began in the dead of winter so I had to utilize work out DVD’s, FITtv, and the Wii. This is also prime gym time for you newbies! Many gym goers slack in the Summer because they would rather workout outside. Another plus to taking your Summer workout to the gym is the FREE air conditioning as well as gym specials. Tons of gyms offer all sorts of Summer specials like discounted personal training sessions, nutrition counseling, free BMI testing, extended class times, and maybe even child care!

If I still haven’t convinced you to intiate a workout on your own, then maybe the good ol workout DVD is for you! Maybe you want to have your butt kicked just not in front of the entire gym. That’s ok! I have a wonderful site for you!

Visit and click SHOP! There are over 20 different fitness programs to choose from!! From Beginner to those who want to get Extreme, from $20 to $120 I have something for you! Beachbody allows you the safety and consistency of a Personal Trainer but on YOUR terms and schedule. Check it out and Transform Your Life!

To wrap up, I encourage each of you to take a look at your daily activity level. How can you kick it up a notch? Don’t think about calling the local gym to ask about membership prices or class schedules….GO THERE and ask the questions! Grab a friend and get active! The weight isn’t going to come off with diet alone… GO KICK SOME BUTT!!!!

Healthy Wishes, T

The awesome peeps over at Tropical Traditions sent me some yummy Coconut Peanut Butter to try. I absolutely adore it! It’s the best pre-workout snack or quick afternoon snack!

I want you all to have a chance to taste the goodness, so they have offered to give a jar away!

Here’s how to win!!!!

1) Sign up for the Tropical Traditions E-Newsletter

2) Become a Fan of Tropical Tradition’s Facebook Page and follow them on Twitter

3) Visit and choose the recipe you would cook up using your new coconut pb.

Here’s the kicker though……to enter you MUST be a Fan of Girl Gone Healthy on Facebook and Following Girl Gone Healthy on Twitter! Each option above gives you 1 entry, for bonus entries Tweet about my giveaway:

I just entered to win FREE Coconut Peanut Butter from @girlgonehealthy and @troptraditions OR Make the contest your Facebook status!

Please comment on this post and tell me about ALL the ways you entered! Enter as many times as possible, open to Canada too!

Disclaimer: Tropical Traditions provided me with a free sample of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose.  Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product.

To wrap up tonight, I’d like to share my newest venture that’s close to my heart. The AMAZING crew at Newhall Coffee created an organization called Coffee For a Cause. I have teamed up with them, and I’m “selling” coffee to raise Autism Awareness!!!! Please click on the logo below, and spread the word! Let’s help other families, let’s make a difference and raise awareness! help me unlock the puzzle!!!

Coffee For A Cause

1 thought on “Work It Out”

  • Thanks so much for this post Tera!! This one speaks volumes for me!! I have friends that say they don’t have time and they are stay at home mom’s or work very close to home. I drive 70 miles round trip, 5 days a week to work and I work Full time. I also have 2 small children and a husband that I also make sure are cared for daily. I MAKE time for excercising!! Like you, I lost the bulk of my weight at home in my living room!! I started January 1st (Winter) I have done walking videos (Walk away the Pounds) and Wii Fit. You also guided me to Zumba, which I LOVE and do that 1x a week at the local gym. Once the weather broke, I walk a lot and the hubby bought me a bike! I have limited time, but some days I work out in the morning and again after dinner!! You have to want it bad enough to do it!!

    I get up 1 hr earlier than I used to, but it’s SOOOO worth it! I do have to kick myself in the rear to get up some mornings, but I do it!! You are so right, there is always time to excercise!!

    Thanks as always Tera!!!!


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