Wonderful Weekend!

Happy Sunday!

Ok let’s just get to what everyone is buzzing about…..Congrats to Canada on your GOLD medal win. I will admit I am NOT a hockey fan, however I did watch this game and it was OK. I’m not running out to buy a Boston Bruins jersey or anything and I will say I hoped it was going to be a little more like the Mighty Ducks movies, but all in all it was fun to watch such an intense event.

So congrats….

We had such a great weekend this weekend! I hope that all of you did as well. So much accomplished too, from great running times to a clean house! I love starting the week out fresh. I will give you a quick run down of some of the yummies I fueled up with today, and then I’m going to sign off and watch a movie with the hubster.

Breakfast: Monster Sized Amazing Grass  shake (1/2 pre-gym, 1/2 post gym)

-2 cups Light Vanilla Soy Milk

-2 cups fresh baby spinach

-1 scoop Pom Mango Amazing Grass

-1 large banana

-1 package frozen strawberries (about 6 oz)

Combine in blender, mix, pour, DEVOUR!

After first half of my shake I hit the gym! Put in a solid 9 minute mile, 15 reps on triceps, and some ab work on the yoga ball! Then enjoyed the second half when I got home.

Lunch: Harvest grain crust mushroom pizza and a salad (this crust has 11g of fiber! it’s from Uno and my hubby saved it for me from last night!)

The best part about it was that it was all crust! Not greasy and NO sauce! So nice of my hubby to bring that to me from his outing last night! Also, wonderful of him to eat “healthy” when he’s not with me!

We ran tons of errands this afternoon! Zachary’s 2nd birthday party is 1 week from today, so I’m in crazy mom mode LOL. Grabbed a few more decorations, picked up a few house items and snacks for Zachary! Plus, I re-arranged Zac’s room this morning after my run, all that Amazing Grass gave me ton’s of ENERGY! I definitely deserved a snack!

Snack: 1 banana sliced w/home made GGH granola

And dinner was per the hubby’s request, I know it’s a repeat…..

Dinner: Stuffed Salmon, Parmesan Broccoli Couscous with a side salad.

The salmon is pre-made and from Trader Joe’s! 190 cals for that de-lish little patty. For my couscous, it’s instant 1 cup water to 1 cup couscous etc etc, and my broccoli was steam in bag! Once the broccoli was done I zapped it with 3 sprays of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter and about 2 tablespoons of Parmesan cheese, mixed it well and then dumped into my couscous pot and continued to mix! AMAZING side dish!

Dessert: 100 calorie Goji Gourmet Chocolate Chip Cookie pack

Aren’t they adorable?!

YUMMY! These were really tasty! Hint of spice to them and not overly chocolaty, which is nice….sometimes ;).

So excited that tomorrow is March 1st! Spring is just around the corner and that means more chances to get outside and get HEALTHY! Have a great Monday friends!

We successfully raised $1,000 in 12 days!!! Please spread the word and let’s make it $2,000!! http://www.firstgiving.com/zacharynorberg Make a donation to help fight Autism Spectrum Disorder. It’s for my Zachary!

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  • I’m commenting!!

    That fundraiser is AMAZING! way to go!! I’ve worked lots with kids with Autism and they deserve every bit of research and love to help find some solutions! Especially since more and more wonderful babies/kids are getting diagnosed!

    xo Jess

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