Wonderful Weekend!

Good Afternoon!

I wanted to post last night, but I ended up hitting the gym for a nice little sweat fest. BUT I’m here now and I have LOT’S to share with you guys! So let’s go!

If you Follow me on Twitter then you know that on Saturday night I surprised my hubby with a romantic dinner. I planned out a menu, lit some candles, grabbed some wine and even threw on a dress that I hadn’t worn yet! There wasn’t any sort of “motive” behind the meal I just felt like doing something to show him how much I appreciate and loved him. He was really surprised and said it was the perfect end to his day! Check it out!

Our table!

First course: Home made Gazpacho

Second/Main Course- The hubby’s favorite-Italian Breaded Lemon Chicken with Wild Mushroom Cous Cous (I had a Citrus Pesto for dipping but that picture was lost in my camera catastrophe 🙁 )

Dessert- My fave part! Cherry Preserve Crostata

It was an indulgent, flavorful meal! I was so happy with how everything turned out.

After such a great meal we had to do something active/outdoorsy the next day so we hit The Washington County Fair! It was sooooo much fun and I really felt like I was back in Texas!

They had tractor pulls, farm stands, crafts, livestock shows and crazy rides/games!!!

So much fun!!!!

Now onto some great new products that I know you’ll want to try!

I discovered a new bar that I am in LOVE with, Kardea bars!

The wonderful people at Kardea sent me a nice goodie basket filled with their delectable treats and some valuable nutrition information! These little bars are packing some serious flavor and they are literally the best bra for you on the market! They have less calories, carbs, sugars and fats than the leading “health” bar and the they definitely don’t taste like card board!

My favorite bar was the Lemon Ginger!!! OUTRAGEOUS!

Next up, Be Skinny Coffee!

This was quite the experience! I’ll be honest I spent a lot of time in the bathroom and felt really jittery the first couple of cups-BUT after I got used to it I liked it. It helped curb my snacking a bit and gave me a safe amount of energy through out the day! For more info contact: James & Gretchen-http://twitter.com/BSkinnyCafe Thanks again for the samples guys!!!!

And as you’ve been reading I back on the GRASS!!!!

My friends at Amazing Grass want to give you a GREAT deal! Simply click on one of the Amazing Grass banners to the right and enter “HEALTHY” at check out to save 15% off of your order!

And if you think that’s AMAZING wait till you see what I have to announce later in the week….it’s a GIVEAWAY with a fantastic new AG product!!!!! And it’s raw, vegan, vegetarian approved….wooo!

So click on any of the AG banners to the right and shop away!

Have a wonderful day and don’t forget about Zachary’s Autism Fundraiser below!

Healthy Wishes, T

The PHENOMENAL crew at Newhall Coffee created an organization called Coffee For a Cause. I have teamed up with them, and I’m “selling” coffee to raise Autism Awareness!!!! Please click on the logo below, and spread the word! Let’s help other families, let’s make a difference and raise awareness! help me unlock the puzzle!!!

Coffee For A Cause


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