Wonderful Weekend

This past weekend was so amazing! A much awaited wedding took place between my Brother in Law Rich and his girlfriend of 10 years Nicole. A new chapter has begun in our family and the overwhelming feelings I have are indescribable. They had a picture perfect day and everyone looked radiant. My handsome husband looked like a star in his tux! I think he should wear one daily LOL. If you’ve been a GGH reader for a while you know this day was a tad nerve racking for me too. I had the absolute honor of wearing Kristin Steede’s, of The Biggest Loser Season 7, finale dress! I was so nervous and I worked super hard. This dress was made for Kristin and she owned it! As I slipped it on all of my insecurities oozed out. I looked at myself in the mirror and literally thought….”Are you insane Tera?! This dress is HOT PINK! Ya look like a chubby peep!” I actually said that out loud because I was home with just Zac. I was shaking and I almost changed clothes. BUT since i had hyped it up so much I had to go through with it. Sooooo here it is…….

Granted this was the end of the night, but there she is. Isn’t it funny how when you have such a big event to attend that your negative thoughts about yourself creep in? This wasn’t even my wedding! I was actually way more calm at my own wedding, and confident mind you. As I nervously smoothed my dress thousands of times and shy-ed away from compliments, my GGH post wheels began turning. It occurred to me that I am definitely not the only person trying to conjure up their inner Kim Kardashian and seemingly ooze confidence. What about ladies that I would look at and admire for their bodies? You know the girl that looks disgustingly awesome in the sports bra and matching skin tight shorts at the gym, yea you know that girl. I look at that girl and say…WOW I wanna work it down the center aisle of the gym and run on the treadmill and enjoy it! Instead I walk quickly down the center aisle of the gym and constantly try to suck in while I run on the treadmill. AND if awesome girl gets on the treadmill next to me I try to finish my run even faster so I don’t have to REALLY suck in and try to hold my butt still LOL.

I know I have a couple of you nodding along, and some of you may even be shocked at my admission of self confidence issues. I am not kidding at all when i tell you that at 250 plus pounds I could own a room and not blink an eye…..now at 146 pounds I have to TRY to own the room….and I blink a lot. I thought it would be nice to gather up some guest posts from women in the health world that I personally admire. These are successful women in their field and I’m so happy to have them share their own thoughts on body image issues.

I feel it’s only right to kick this week of life changing posts off with one of my favorite people! Ms.Samara Walcott, AKA The Gym Coach! Funny thing is, to me, Samara is LITERALLY little Miss Awesome skin tight shorts at the gym! I think you will find her post to be quite interesting…..and I will never look at Little Miss Awesome Shorts the same ever again! Enjoy….

Fitness bloggers have issues too

By: Samara, of TheGymCoach.com

As I often do, I was running on the treadmill the other day, using the time to think about Tera’s request for my thoughts and personal experience with body image and construct this write up in my head. One of the female trainers stood on the empty treadmill next to me and gave me the international signal for take off your earphones so I can talk to you, which I did gladly if only for the distraction from my run. “Hey there, do you mind? I see you here all the time, and wanted to ask what you do: you have great legs!” After the standard “oh my gosh no way” denial of compliment, I proceeded to share my routine of the moment, as it is always changing, and gave my standard lines which my readers and friends have heard a million times: “weights, interval training, and yoga – that’s my secret” and “it’s all about a healthy diet”. I was torn between bragging about my routine and the other me which thinks I still have 10 lbs to lose. Yes, even I have scale demons. Some would say worse than most because I choose to be photographed in my gym clothes and posted for the world to see. Most don’t realize that the photos on my site (though not retouched in any way) took me a lot of work to get to, and that I don’t always look like that. Some days I look at these photos where I was a few lbs lighter than I am now, and still think I was not at my “ideal weight” when those were taken. And on other days I’ll be looking at the site and think “Damn! Put down the cookie sister and get to the gym!” For me, this is motivation, just as it was to get to a point where I was ok to have that photo shoot. After the trainer let me be (ok well after I promoted my site to her!), I reflected on the exchange, my inability to accept her compliment, and my hidden thoughts of not being the weight or shape I’d really love to be. And this is what body image really comes down to – our own beliefs (or mis-beliefs) about how others see us. Probably more important is how other women see us vs. men, right? I know that is true for me at least. I read once this to be some sort of evolutionary trait of fighting for the best mate of the pack. Tragic. Body Image is not something that is easily solvable, certainly not in a blog post. There are books upon books and old Oprah and Dr Phil shows dedicated to it. For me, I know that one thing that always helps me stay in check with my body image issues, though, are articles like this. Knowing that other women, especially those that others might consider to have nothing to worry about, struggle too, helps me remember I am actually quite “normal.” For me, I try to remember that the scale is only a number, and my body is different than everyone else’s, and that is a good thing. I try to celebrate my curvy hips and remember that in fact our male counterparts do too. I work at the gym on the parts of my body I think rock – like my shoulders – and show them off every opportunity I can. I try to remember that of my friends, family, employer, and my wonderful boyfriend love me for my brain and soul, not my body. I remind myself that a focus on fitness and food are about health – not looks – and at the end this thing we call life is about enjoying our time here on earth, and staying as long as we can.

A huge Thank You to Samara for sharing, and taking time to write for GGH! I hope that this week, with each new post, you will all find some one’s story ring true with your own. I will end the week with myself and let you in on the exact moment in life that everything changed for me.

Have a wonderful week friends! I’m going to close out with a few more pics, and links to this weekend’s FUN! Plus don’t forget about my Tropical GIVEAWAY!!!!!

Link to all weekend pictures: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=174169&id=501837442&l=c99083303a

Some of my faves!


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Have a wonderful evening friends!!! Healthy Wishes!

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