Why I’ll Never Be Lazy Again

I have been running around like a mad woman over the past few weeks and played hostess on Monday to friends and family for a Memorial Day BBQ and I didn’t really feel like cooking dinner last night. Yes, I was feeling lazy. The hubby and I had a GC to a restaurant, that will remain nameless for now, in the Warwick area and decided that we would just order take out and have a little picnic at home. Hubby went to go pick the food up, 2 chicken sandwiches with side salads and fries for Zac Attack, and I made us a lovely little indoor picnic spread. As we settled in on the living room floor smiling and enjoying a little TMZ while we ate I realized that something didn’t taste right almost 1/2 way through my sandwich and that’s when we discovered this…


RAW CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IN BOTH SANDWICHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I immediately lost my dinner, literally, and the hubby started snapping pics of the food. Any other time I would’ve been over joyed to see him hunched over plates adjusting the food for the perfect picture, but in this instance is just made me sick. Ryan scooped up the food and threw it into the take out bag and drove it back to the restaurant while I got Zac and I ready to go get all of us checked out at the ER.

3 vials of blood later, shots of Zofran in our butts, and a very long and moan filled car ride home we have decided that we will never order chicken ever again. And I will NEVER be lazy again….EVER.

Healthy Wishes, T


8 thoughts on “Why I’ll Never Be Lazy Again”

  • BLAH!!! Girl…that is so dang nasty!! I love me some poultry, but that experience may have me running from chicken ever again! Eww!
    Hope the fam and the booty’s are feeling better today!
    And I hope the restaurant bent over backwards for you!!

  • Oh, Tera… this is so vile, so gross, so disgusting, so sickening that I am sick just looking at the photo. This is beyond unacceptable and hopefully you will get some justice for your time, your fears, your meds, not to mention your emotional health AND money. Just awful. Awful. I hardly ever order chicken or beef because of this. Thinking of you all, my friend…

  • OH MY GOSH TERA!!!!!! I am so glad that you’re all OK, and I am so sad this happened to you! You’re never lazy- we all need a break sometimes!
    Next time, you call me and I’ll cook us all some good food- and I’ll cook it all the way through.
    I hope your days settle soon and that you all have a wonderful dinner tonight <3

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