Who Missed Me?

Happy Friday! And a big Hello!

I want to apologize for being MIA but I have been really taking some time with Zachary. We are increasing his services/therapies/days at school and he is progressing tremendously! I’ve also been taking some time for ME! That’s not something I do to often and usually when I do it’s “timed”. I know that sounds crazy, and maybe to some it is, but Zac’s educator put it best today. She nailed it and said the reason I “time” my me time is because in my mind every hour I’m doing something non Zac is time I could be working on something with him. She’s right…….BUT if I don’t take time for me then I’m no good to him. So that’s where I’ve been! I promise I will start posting more often, but I have been eating some yummy dishes. I haven’t taken pictures of everything but I do have a few nice shots to share.

Snack Time!

Fiber never looked so good! This is Blue Cheese Guacamole. 1 whole avocado mashed and a 1/2 tablespoon fat free blue cheese dressing-mix until creamy. Enjoy with toasted pita (as shown) or crackers, veggies, whatever your fave dipper is!

High fiber bread, peanut butter and romaine lettuce served with Ak Mak crackers and Garlic Hummus!

Ak Mak Crackers and Peanut Butter

Here are some shots of the bread and pb I use!

5 grams of fiber PER SLICE 40 cals and ZERO FAT!!!!

Let’s move on to some breakfasts that can be dinners too!

Avocado, scrambled egg whites, bacon bits, and a slice of rice cheese on a whole wheat wrap! These are so gooooood! I had this breakfast one morning and then decide it would be a terrific dinner for 1!

Morning Star Farms beef crumbles, scrambled egg whites, and shredded cheese toasted up quesadilla style on a whole wheat wrap!

Here are the wraps/tortillas pictured above

On to dinner!!!

Whole Wheat Mediterranean Pizza

2 Bean Five Alarm Turkey Chili w/toasted pita!

Now to get these recipes you have to COMMENT on this post and ask for them! ūüėČ

So there ya have it! Some yummy new dishes for you to play with this week!

And don’t forget…..


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Good Luck!!!

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Healthy Wishes, Tera

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