When I Run

Today as I was running I realized a LOT of things ramble through my mind…A LOT. When I was done I was thinking back over these thoughts and some of them made me laugh, some made me think WTH? and some were just observations that spurred other thoughts.

I thought I’d share them with you and narrate my run if you will….wondering if anyone else does the same.

Here we go.

Start (In my neighborhood):

ugh it’s trash day

gross it smells

the elderly people in my neighborhood aren’t friendly

oh great here comes that kid on his little mini pocket rocket bike

where are his parents

I wonder what my parents are doing

(Turning out of my neighborhood onto Scituate Ave)

people really need to slow the Hell down

look at all this litter….what do all of my tax dollars go to…obviously not street cleaning

I hate all of the music on my phone

ugh it’s only been 1.25 miles

red car

blue car

black truck

oooo I like that truck

ohhhhh that’s where my tax dollars go to pay the stupid cop blocking the whole sidewalk and texting


I would be a bad ass cop


Yea I should’ve been a cop

(Turning onto Atwood Ave)

the line at Dunkin is always so long

the line at Honey Dew is never long

I want coffee

God I would punch someone for a donut right now

I hate running

—–that thought pretty much repeats for a long time—–

(Turning left onto Elena street)

my perception of distance is WAY off

how is this only 4 miles when I drive it feels like it could be like 8 or 9

the thought of running this 10 mile race TERRIFIES me

let’s be real I’m not gonna run the whole thing

OMG why are there so many hills?

this is a 200+ elevation

how do people get all pumped after running

runner’s high more like runner’s nap

oh look it s the gang of mom’s in mini vans and suv’s meeting at stone hill school

(I wave)

(they ignore me)

dumb bitches

oh thank god I’m almost done

when did my music stop

I think about a lot of random stuff when I have an hour alone in my head

I’m tired

I wish we had a pool

yea we should get a pool

now I’m thirsty


So there are my hours worth of random running thoughts? How do you power through a run? What’s your favorite running song? Do you go solo or with a friend?

Comment below and give me your running details!!

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Healthy Wishes, T



12 thoughts on “When I Run”

  • This is fantastic, I have so many random thoughts too. And I don’t run with music, so it’s just my brain. At the end I somehow always come to ‘I want beer.’

  • This was awesome! Haha! I’m new to running (because I hate it and keep stopping, then have to start ALL over again). But when I DO run, it’s a constant stream of random thoughts. I listen to music, so some thoughts are about the song, or the artist (“were they high when they wrote the lyrics to this song? WTH does that verse even mean?”). I don’t get that runner’s high either. I just feel tired and hungry afterwards.

    Great job on your training!!

  • Ha ha! Add in moments of holding your breath and pretending that your not tired or breathing hard when passing other runners and I’d say that’s exactly how it goes for me.

    Especially the ‘I hate running. Why did I think I could do this’ dialogue. Kudos on training for 10!

  • I love the post! I think about wicked random things when I run as well. I also like to look at all the houses and yards I pass (and comment on them to myself)

  • way too funny! I think my most random thought was when I was running by a house on my route in the morning, and their breakfast smelt AMAZING. I was thinking of how I could quickly become friends and get invited inside for pancakes (and note to self: don’t go running before I eat breakfast!)

    I usually listen to headphones or else I’ll just focus on how much I don’t feel like running. Music distracts me

  • Oh my gosh, you crack me up! Tis post is so hilarious , I love it because wits so true. I guess I never really notice but I definitely do the same thing. All the time. This is my favorite post that I’ve seen all week. Haha now I wanna do the same thing but I don’t run enough to have that many thoughts I guess although I do the same thing when I walk anyway. Have a great weekend 🙂

  • I LOVE love this – I wish there was a way to really record my thoughts when I run! My favorite?:
    oh look it s the gang of mom’s in mini vans and suv’s meeting at stone hill school
    (I wave)
    (they ignore me)
    dumb bitches

    I think that everytime I wave or say hi and get NOTHING back from my fellow runners/bikers/walkers, etc.

    Thanks for the laugh this morning!

  • I just recently found your blog. This entry made me laugh out loud. I too have random thoughts go through my mind when I run as well. Unfortunatley I haven’t been running lately. Don’t know why I just stopped. Unmotivated not sure why. I know I just need to do it but…..( excuse, excuse). I may just have to go for a run to listen to all my randomness…

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