What the HECK is Gluten?

So for the past 6 to 8 months I have been feeling very unlike myself. My get up and go seems to have gotten up and went……

I’ve tried everything: going to bed earlier, drinking more water, vitamins, longer work outs, B12 capsules, more red meat (I have iron issues), less carbs in the evening, no carbs, no dairy blah blah blah blah

I mean I workout 3 to 5 days a week depending on the week, I eat good not as clean and pristine as I should but I watch what I’m taking in and I feel since I work out and work hard I should get to have some indulging on the weekend….enjoy a beer or 2 go out to eat you know the good stuff that you look forward to. I dropped about 15 pounds from March thru July which is great don’t get me wrong but it took FOREVER, the weight kept creeping back on, and I was still feeling H-U-G-E most of the time. Not to mention I was getting headaches more frequently, feelings of incoherence and a sense of confusion and lethargy too. All very scary stuff!!

So I did the one thing you aren’t supposed to do when you have a bunch of scary symptoms…..I consulted the Internet!

The minute I started searching my symptoms the same words began appearing “gluten” “intolerance” “celiac” “poison”…..sounds intriguing right? WRONG! As I kept reading I discovered Gluten was in EVERYTHING I was eating and people who had in-tolerances to Gluten were feeling exactly as I was and they had began experiencing the symptoms rather suddenly.

I have been eating virtually the same way for years but apparently the intolerance can just come to a head and make its self known out of the blue. It all made sense as I started to journal and recall business lunches filled with gluten laden foods it made absolute 100% total sense….I had a Gluten Intolerance.

So what now? EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! What now?! This is all super new and I feel like I did when I began my weight loss journey: lost, scared, hungry, and alone. Turns out not to many doctors want to send you to get tested and don’t really have any real answers other than go vegetarian. Ummmm no thank you I happen to love a good steak…..and baking….and BEER…..and cake oh sweet baby Jesus I love cake! And all the GF food I have found is so expensive seriously my wallet shriveled at the prices!!

So as I’m scrolling and crying and freaking out because my house is one gigantic mass of Gluten and it’s going to poison me I realize that I have something other newly Gluten diagnosed peeps don’t……YOU GUYS!!!!

Yes my wonderful Girl Gone Healthy readers!!! Surely some of you out there must have Gluten issues and challenges, yes?! So I’m asking for your help—-TEACH ME—– and if you feel like you’re feeling some of the same symptoms I’ve been experiencing then I invite you to learn along with me. I’ve already been realizing that I have certain trigger foods and other gluten things don’t bother me in the slightest unless mixed with said Gluten triggers.

So friends if you can be of any assistance please comment below and help Girl Gone Healthy become Girl Gave up Gluten 😉 (except beer because I feel just fine after beer 😉 )

Healthy Wishes, T



10 thoughts on “What the HECK is Gluten?”

  • Oh I know!! And nope it’s not lactose!! Thank you so much for your suggestions, looking forward to really diving in and feeling better

  • Glueten intolerance actually has nothing to do with being vegetarian…. Are you sure it isnt lactose intolerance? That is much more common. In the meantime Polenta, quinoa, corn tortillas, brown rice, edamame, beans, lentils, chickpea flour (make polenta from chickpea flour called socca), gluten free oats, potatoes, root vegetables and squashes, cereals like chex and puffins are all whole grain healthy glueten free options. Bobs red mill has an awesome website with tons of gluten free products as well. And dark chocolate is gluten free. Thats important ;)!

  • Tera – I was feeling the same way a few years ago. I was always exhaused, no matter how much sleep I got, and just felt run down. I had also put on a LOT of weight. Granted I wasn’t eating right, but the weight came on super fast. I went to the doctor and it turned out I have hypothyroidism, actually a disease called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis where your immune system attacks your thyroid and it eventually stops functioning. And your thyroid controls your hormones, including your metabolism and causes weight gain and difficult weight loss. I don’t know if you’ve gone down the avenue of getting tested for thyroid problems, but if not you may think about it! I now take a pill every day to replace the thyroid hormones that my own doesn’t produce, and I feel normal again and weight loss hasn’t been a problem (when I’m being good of course). Anyway, thought I’d share that. Maybe it helps, if not then I hope the gluten free diet works for you!

  • My husband thought he was gluten intolerant and the first thing he did was find gluten-free beer =) After testing, turns out he’s not, just needs to stop eating junk LOL I’m thinking of going gluten free not because I think I have an intolerance but I’d like to see how my body feels energy-wise. A friend who just found out both her kids can’t have gluten recommended reading Wheatbelly. GL!

  • I too am interested in people’s advice for real food, real healthy options, for real people. We are trying to eat as clean as possible around here but we are busy people! Mom of an infant and 3yo, attending nursing school. Its hard to discover a new way of earing but i think like everything else, it can be done. Thanks

  • I don’t have Celiac, but I do have a mild wheat intolerance (although I tend to ignore the congestion and bloating more than I should). Have you ever researched the Paleo/Primal lifestyle? It’s not the Atkins diet or anything fad-diety like that. It’s based on lots of scientific research and allows you to INDULGE in lots of good, whole foods. If you want to really figure out what is causing your symptoms, you should try an elimination diet where you basically eliminate all potentially inflammatory food groups for 30 days, and then slowly reintroduce them one by one until you figure out which one is causing your negative effects. The Whole 9 has a great program called the Whole 30. http://whole9life.com/start/ Check it out and maybe try it, even for just a week, to see how you feel. I hope you find some answers soon!!

  • I also have a gluten intolerance! I don’t spend money on special gluten free products, I just east “natural foods”: meat, vegies, fruit, fish, potatoes, eggs and things like tuna and chicken salad without the bread! Of course I indulge once in a while, but I feel the effects of it. Sometimes it’s worth it! Read “Wheat Belly.” A very helpful book which also includes recipes.

  • Hey Tera!! I don’t have a gluten allergy that I know of, but if you want to check out my blog, I’ve been cutting back on my gluten, too! And really, ALL grains.
    I’m totally open to giving some advice and let you know my thoughts on the topic 🙂 It’s not as bad as it sounds. And rather than thinking of buying things named, “gluten-free” you just need to find good substitutes for things you are eating. I just finished reading, “It Starts with Food,” which is awesome. If you check out this site, it may make you feel a little better about enjoying your steak (YES, EAT STEAK! and BACON!) and just enjoying real foods meant to make you feel good! 🙂

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