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Let me catch you all up to speed. If you Follow me on Twitter then you already know, I apologize for the repeat.

Yesterday started out as a really great Sunday, I was actually able to go to Kick N Shred at Fit World. I haven’t been in 3 weeks due to the hubby’s basketball games. Class was super intense and quick paced, awesome work out and it felt good to get back into it. I came home on my Kickboxing high, fed the little guy lunch and got us all changed up to go cheer the hubby on at his game. The team they played was the #1 ranked team and we were beating the snot out of them. With 5 minutes left in the last quarter, and our team up by 30, Ryan (my hubby) decided to dive for the ball and long story short, dislocated his right shoulder…..like really dislocated his shoulder. 5 years ago he had to have surgery on his left shoulder for the same type of injury, and he was telling me that the pain he was feeling yesterday was 10 times worse than the first time around. He was in the ER for 3 1/2 hours, and thank the Lord my mother in law stayed with him so I could take Zac home. Zac and I ran all over creation yesterday to stock up the house for the week and we made Ry his fave dinner. (Girl Gone Healthy General’s Chicken, Jasmine Rice, and stirfry veggies/bean sprouts)


Girl Gone Healthy General Tso Chicken Stir Fry (recipe will feed the masses)

-12 to 15 small chicken cutlets

-1 bottle General Tso sauce (I used the Target/Archer Farms’ Brand)

-1 steam in bag broccolli (Target brand)

-1 steam in bag white rice (Target brand)

-1 bag bean sprouts ( I used Stop & Shop Chang Farms brand)

-2 TBSP Five Spice seasoning

Cooking spray

In large casserole dish, coated with cooking spray, place cutlets flat and separated. Top cutlets with a drizzle of the General Tso sauce, using a spoon coat the chicken evenly with sauce. Place in pre-heated 375 oven and bake for 30 minutes or until chicken is done.

Meanwhile, in large skillet or wok coated with cooking spray, begin to sautee your bean sprouts. Cook broccoli and rice to liking (mine were microwaveable steam in bags) and add to bean sprouts when done. Once bean sprouts, broccoli, and rice have been mixed together pour in the rest of the General Tso sauce and add the 2 TBSP of Five Spice seasoning. Allow to simmer and continue stirring mixture so rice doesn’t stick. Once coated and warmed through, plate and place chicken on top. Serve up and enjoy!

I thought with all of the excitement of the day Zachary would be exhausted like we were…..WRONG! He went right to sleep at 8pm and I should’ve known it was to good to be true. He was up at 3AM and ready to start the day…..I was not happy. My poor hubby couldn’t get comfortable and was in pain and Zachary was just chatting away through the monitor. I finally shut it off but he has his mother’s pipes and talks so loud that we could still hear him. Loooooonnnnnggggg night.

But anyway……

The hubby is resting now and actually feels like getting out later this afternoon. We shall see…

On a happier note, the Girl Gone Healthy T-Shirts arrived this morning! I will be sorting the orders and getting them ready to be mailed today through out the day. If you haven’t contacted me regarding your form of payment please do so TODAY! Again, you can use the Pay Pal button here on GGH, or email me to set up a postal mail payment. If you haven’t ordered a T Shirt and would like one, I do have plenty of extras!!! Place your order today!! Email payment/orders to: girlgonehealthy@hotmail.com 

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YUM-O right?! Stay tuned because YOU might be receiving this same box-o-goodies!! AND a T-Shirt! WOW!

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Fit World Member, and GGH Fan, Meghan McKiernan has signed up for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Team In Training to run a Triathlon this July in New York!!! The Team in Training is the world’s first, and largest charity sports training
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UMMMMM WOW! She needs to raise $3,000 friends!!! This is a GREAT cause! Please Follow the link, pass it on, and DONATE!!!


Help Her Out!!!


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