Weekend Warrior

This weekend was all about form and learning the difference between lifting right and lifting wrong. As always Better Bodies RI and Cathy Epstein provided me with everything I needed to ensure proper technique oh and that I wouldn’t be able to lift my arms….. EVER AGAIN! 😉




I have also really been working on running more. I’m registered to run a 5k this Saturday, 5/18, Gaspee Days 5k June 8th, CVS Caremark 5k in September, and my first 1/2 MARATHON in October!!


I have actually been falling in love with running which is really weird because there was a time you couldn’t pay me to run. I’m not as fast as last year, but I’m running FARTHER each time I venture out and I’m ok with that. Here was my fave run from this past week….


I was also lucky enough to celebrate Mother’s Day yesterday! I spent the afternoon with my Mother in Law, My Precious Son Zac, and my Hubby Ryan. We had lunch and played games at Dave & Buster’s then Zac and I aproned up and spent the afternoon baking cookies!


I hope each of you had a fabulous weekend and you were able to get out and get active!!!

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Also, this week I will be reviewing several products that you will have a chance to win! Like a Kettlebell from Empower Fitness, KCups from Green Mountain, and Skinny Noodles!!

Healthy Wishes, T



5 thoughts on “Weekend Warrior”

  • Congrats on signing up for all of those 5K’s! I am always a cheerleader for friends and family at the Gaspee 5K – I’ll be looking for you and cheering for you as well 🙂

    Looks like you had a most perfect Mother’s Day !

  • Killed it!! Running releases such a burst of endorphins, I don’t know how people don’t get addicted! You look amazing and, as you know, you inspire SO many people to stop saying “someday” and do it “TODAY!”

    See at the CVS 5k (in green)!!! And I’ll be at your half screaming in your face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy Mother’s Day to you (love Zac- he’s the cutest baker, ever!).

  • Ahhhh The last set of pics with you and Zac (and Ryan lol) made me smile! So cute! I’m glad you had a great weekend!! Great workouts and great run! I miss you at BBRI!! I’m so sick! Hopefully I’ll be able to get back there before the end of the week!

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