We Have A Winner, or 5!

YAY! We have our 5 GGH PureVia prize pack winners!! But first you have to read through some work out and food fun!

So this week has been CRAZY. I feel like a mom of like 8 kids when I only have one and a husband that some times demands the attention of a child LOL. But I can’t really complain, everyone is well and happy. My workouts have been erratic to say the least. I have to get into the swing of our “new schedule” and I think my boys do too. I did mange to burn some cals this week though, from Kickboxing to running to even getting to know the bike all over again it was a decent work out week. Let me quickly touch on the bike…..ummm yea I haven’t been on the bike (aside from Spin) in 10 months and I now remember why. I chose an advanced hill climb interval work out….1st stupid move….and then I chose to have the resistance be 15 to 22……2nd stupid move because 22 is the highest resistance level…..and then I chose to do it for 30 minutes…….I was sweating like a pig in a sauna! I kicked my own A$$ for sure. I rode 15.2 miles and burned 417 calories-CRAZY!

On to FOOD! I made a lot of repeats this week, but I did whip up 2 new recipes I think are worth sharing.

First, a new spin on a classic salad!

GGH Cobb Salad:

-1/4 cup cooked turkey bacon-chopped

-2 cups spring mix salad

-1 egg (fried)

-balsamic vinaigrette for drizzling

After cooking bacon, crack one egg into the hot skillet and “fry” it. The chop it along with the bacon and place over spring mix-drizzle balsamic and enjoy!

UMMMMMM YUMMMMMM! This was the perfect lunch and I loved it so much that I repeated it for dinner! I washed it down with some refreshing iced tea too!

The next recipe is a savory dinner dish that’s quick and filling.

Soyaki Chicken with Lemon Spinach Whole Wheat Cous Cous:

-1 package boneless skinless chicken

-1 tblspoon minced garlic

-1 cup Soyaki (or any Asian marinade)

Place chicken on large baking sheet, top chicken with garlic and soyaki brushing each piece with the marinade.  Bake in preheated 350 oven for 30 to 40 minutes.

For cous cous, follow package directions and before fluffing squirt the juice of 1 whole lemon over the top and stir in 1 1/2 cups fresh spinach. Mix well and serve with chicken!

Here’s the Soyaki from Trader Joe’s, and below is my yummy bowl!

Onto our PureVia winners!!! This was a great contest and I loved all of the comments! We have 5 winners, let’s take on more peek at what they’ve won!

A super cute travel mug and a box of PureVia packets!

Drum roll please!!!!

In no particular order:

Patty aka @girlfromsocal

Christie “Heaven Trees”

Shannon aka @stan317


and last but not least, @inthejoeshow

Congrats to each of you! Please email me your postal mailing address to: girlgonehealthy@hotmail.comsubject:PureVia Winner! I will then fwd it to PureVia and let you know when your prize is shipped!

I hope you all had a wonderful week, and have a super weekend planned!

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