Walnut Roma Chicken Spinach Salad…..MMMMMMMM

Good Evening!

Sometimes spontaneously going shopping for dinner turns out to make the best dinner EVER! After a good 2 mile jaunt at the park Zachary and I popped over to Whole Food’s to shop around. I came up with Roma tomatoes, Morning Star Farms Chicken strips, walnuts, and this AMAZING Lemon and Chive dressing. I love salad’s like this! I like to think of them as “everything but the kitchen sink” salads.




To make:

-2 bags Morning Star Farms Chicken Strips

-1 package small Roma Tomatoes

-Walnuts (1 8oz bag)

-1 bag Fresh Baby Spinach

In large skillet sprayed with cooking spray, saute both bags of chicken until warmed through. Once chicken is warmed add in roughly chopped tomatoes along with bag of walnuts and continue to saute and stir often, once walnuts are smelling toasty remove from heat. Mix chicken mixture in with fresh baby spinach and toss. I personally like to add the dressing to each individual bowl.

I’m not gonna lie friends I couldn’t even take a picture of my bowl because I took a bite out of it and continued to stuff my face :). It was truly DELISH!

Anyway, so on tap for this evening is…..I DON’T KNOW!!! The hubby is out of class early tonight so I’m going to cut this short. I will see you all in the morning for a breakfast post and a quick work out post. Stay tuned for the updated “healthy” zucchini cake recipe, it’s to hot in the GGH kitchen to bake tonight! Hope everyone has a GREAT night!

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