Wake Up Call

WARNING!!! Tonight’s post may be upsetting to some, but to others it may be exactly what you need to hear! Enjoy.-T

As I was running yesterday morning attempting to clear my head of all my troubles I was immediately struck with this voice coming through my ear buds telling me to get over it. It stopped me in my tracks. At first I thought I was just winded and tired and my legs were on fire so I was obviously hearing things. As I yanked my ear buds out and began to walk so many things came in to perspective for me. We have so much going on in our lives right now, things I don’t even share on GGH-I hafta keep some things private ya know ;). But seriously my life could be so much worse.
As I trotted along I began to look around my neighborhood. The manicured yards, the not so manicured yards, leaves swirling about as Fall began to set in, cars whizzing by on the main road at the top of my neighborhood…..and I thought what if this was all gone tomorrow? Would my life be one that people could look at and say WOW she was incredible or she really impacted me or she was a true friend….probably not. Because you see as quickly as that thought, what if, came it was gone. But, in that single moment I caught a glimpse of who I’d like to be.
I have a very dear friend, we’ll call her JD, who was diagnosed at the age of 26….yes 26….with lung cancer. JD has never smoked a single cigarette a day in her life, is literally the most selfless person I have ever encountered, and though she has been going through radiation treatments and has had long hospital stays she still takes time to check on ME. I say to the hubby EVERY single day that if it was me I’d be the first one to play “poor pitiful me”, don’t shake your head at me a lot of you would too. JD is always positive and I truly believe she was placed on this Earth to solely be an example to not only me, but others who are in her life and will be in her life. She has been one of the best friends I have ever had, as far as loyalty-understanding-and unconditional support. She has become a part of our family, we speak of her every single day and pray for her every single night. I’m so glad that that voice came through my ear buds because it was the best wake up call I’ve ever had. I spent all of yesterday thinking absolutely POSITIVE thoughts, willing nothing but good things to come my way, because you see that’s how JD lives. I ask her how her treatments are going and she simply replies ” Going good, I’m really sick today. But, it could be worse so I won’t complain.” I don’t know if that hits you, but it damn sure hits me.
Through my positive thinking the last couple of days have been wonderful with my hubby and Zac. The hubb and I have been snipping at each other quite a bit lately due to stress and a million things pulling us in different directions-just like any other married couple-but the power of positive thinking is real friends. I encourage you to find your own JD in life, let them know how much they mean to you, thank them for every little thing they do. In the same token I ask each of you to look at your lives and realize what you’re going through may not be near as bad as what your neighbor is going through. It could always be worse-so don’t complain. Thank you JD for teaching me more in 6 months than I have learned in a lifetime, I don’t know what I’d do with out you, and I thank the Heavens for you EVERYDAY!
And always remember friends: “To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world”-Heather Cortez

Ok……let’s talk food!

Here’s what I’ve been nomming!

Lot’s of…..

Because it’s Fall and I can!!!! Love love love soup! The cans of Progresso Light are so low cal and for you WW peeps I think it’s like 1 or 2 points per can!!!

I Tweeted what I was making for dinner last night and received lot’s of recipe requests!! Super easy…

BBQ Chicken Pizza

Best thing about this…..LEFT OVERS!!!! Fed us for lunch today! Yay!

-3 boneless skin less chicken breasts cubed and cooked.

-fave BBQ sauce, we use Stubb’s that’s what the hubby likes

-low fat/reduced fat/or rice cheese your choice they all work

-2 naan flat breads

After chicken is cooked, run through food processor to shred. Return to warm skillet and add BBQ sauce allowing mixture to thicken. Scoop BBQ chicken onto naan flat breads, top with cheese, and bake directly on rack for about 10 to 15 minutes or until cheese is melted and naan is toasty! Slice up and serve warm! I could only eat 1 and 1/2 slices! Super filling!

And now here’s a “great” shot the hubby took of me struggling down the last ounces of my 96 ounces of water yesterday!

P.S Yes I use Crystal Light Pomegranate and Cherry P.P.S Yes I was in the bathroom all night 😉

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Healthy Wishes, T


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2 thoughts on “Wake Up Call”

  • First let me say… I think running solo is the most powerful thing in the world… It is the most mind clearing and thought focusing time that I have..like you my life is pulled in many directions..RUNNING IS MY TIME to either think about life..or just as simple as a new pair of shoes…. (that can be my post one day)…. but as far as your suggestion… find your JD in your life… I try to find that JD in my life..but well I don’t know..am I am sooo put together..I end up being that person that gets leaned on..or I am the one cheering or consoling that person… that sometimes can be exhausting..but I will try to check in with family and friends more..I would say my HUBBY is my JD in lfe..my boys are my JD in my life.but I do know a few others that NEED that friend and that LIFT in life!

    The food looks yummmy!!!!
    THanks for sharing!

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