Vitacost Super Cacao CHOCOLATE

I adore chocolate…. milk, dark, chocolate and peanut butter, chocolate covered anything (within reason)….. chocolate….



But my love of chocolate also makes my hips grow, my stomach bloat and gives me quite the sugar rush only leading me to crash. Know the feeling? So how can we stay healthy and indulge in one of the most coveted treats in the world? CACAO…. wait how about SUPER CACAO. Yes cacao, chocolate but on a healthy level and it’s from a name thousands know and trust, Vitacost.

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The awesome crew over at Vitacost offered to send me 3 different flavors of their top selling delectable Cacao and I couldn’t refuse. Check these out!


I have to be honest it took everything I had to not rip open and devour the Coconut immediately and I was a little hesitant on Lemon Ginger and Mandarin Orange as they aren’t really flavors I had associated chocolate with, but boy was I wrong. While the coconut was obviously my favorite, the lemon ginger was right behind….it was refreshing! The mandarin orange was also delightful, don’t get me wrong, but I would personally recommend them in that order.

So what makes Vitacost’s Super Cacao different from a candy bar or chocolate bar you can pick up in the check out aisle? Well for starters…. gluten free, vegan friendly, 66% organic dark cacao, all natural, no GMO’s….. see more here!

If I haven’t enticed you enough the price will for only $2.99 per bar, and FREE shipping when you spend $10 or more, you can have a wonderful natural CHOCOLATE filled treat….. plus Cacao rhymes with KA POW…. now I know you’re sold ;-).

To shop please visit: and for more sweet deals check out:



Healthy Wishes, T

Vitacost compensated me for this post by providing the 3 Super Cacao bars mentioned above. All facts are pulled from and opinions expressed are mine.



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