A very big HELLO!!!!

Thank you all for allowing me to indulge in a little vacay and enjoy my visit with my Mom! It was such a great visit, and while I may not have been Tweeting and Blogging I was definitely doing GGH re-con work. My Mom is a huge fan of GGH as well as a borderline Type 2 Diabetic. I have helped her along the way, but it was nice to actually have her here and show her how to grocery shop, read labels etc. It was fun sharing tips and tricks with her and seeing her face light up. That’s what it’s all about! Passing the knowledge on to others, and helping people achieve a healthier lifestyle.

As my Mom and I chatted I came to the realization that I needed to re-think Girl Gone Healthy. I’ve been doing GGH for a year now and it has been one of the craziest years of my life. I have “met” and met some really amazing people that inspire me in more ways than one. I’ve learned that what i have to say is important, maybe not to all but to some, and those some are who I need to focus on. I may not have a Following like Hungry Girl or get that call from Ellen, but the readers I do have count on me and that’s what matters. So whether it’s 5 or 500 reading every post I don’t care! I’m here to HELP people that’s why I started GGH, not to gain fame or recognition from it. (Don’t get me wrong, Ellen, Paula Deen, Oprah if you happen to be reading this I’d love to meet you 😉 )

So with my focus being brought back to where it needs to be, Girl Gone Healthy will be un-veiling quite a few new projects this week! We shall be going back to our roots, but with a slight modification. I’ll be offering all kinds of tools for you to take advantage of and more recipes that are quick and easy. So I hope you’ll come along with me on this journey! I’m working on a new site design and I can’t wait to unveil it! I just have to be patient…..which if you know me, that’s tough!

But for now, I have a few yummies to share, a contest winner to announce, a new contest to start, and an old product friend to bring back! Who’s ready?!

Let’s start with FOOD!!!

While Mom was here we ate out, I mean she was visiting from Texas I had to show her REAL Italian food ;).

Anyway, we did lot’s of lunches here and I showed her how easy it was to put together I quick but filling wrap! In the summer I love wraps for easy lunches and even light dinners! Here were her faves!

Spinach and Hummus Wrap

-1 La Tortilla Factory 100 cal tortilla

-1 tablespoon hummus (we used garlic flavored)

-1 cup baby spinach

Lay tortilla on flat work surface, spread hummus over tortilla, place spinach down the middle. Roll tortilla, cut and serve! we enjoyed fresh clementine’s on the side!

Mediterranean Tuna Wrap

-1 La Tortilla Factory 100 cal tortilla

-1 avocado sliced

-1 can of tuna drained and rinsed

-1 tablespoon hummus

-sprinkle of parmesan cheese

-baby spinach

In small bowl combine tuna and hummus; mix well and set aside. Lay tortilla on flat surface, begin layering by spreading tuna across tortilla, then add spinach, last top with sliced avocado and sprinkle of parmesan cheese. Roll up, cut and enjoy! We munched on Trader Joe’s chips too!

Another option for a yummy light lunch/dinner is SOUP! And if you’re looking for quick and healthy, Progresso is the way to go!

Pretty sure I could eat this all day everyday!

And as you all know I’m not ashamed to cook up a Boca Burger!

I also used these new Trader Joe’s sammie thins, and if you can find them snag some……YUMMMMM

Here’s my burger!

And my new fave post work out reward…….Greek Parfait!

Now that we are all hungry!!!! Let’s announce our contest winner!!! I was running a contest with Full Plate Diet to give away a copy of their New York Time’s Best Seller!

And the winner is……………………………………………………………………………………….

Kristy C!!! AKA SugarCandy! Kristy, email me your mailing address at: CONGRATS!!!

Now, to wrap up I’m re-introducing an old product back into my diet. I really think once I stopped using this product is when I started to “fall off the wagon”. So, I’m happy to announce that I am now re-affiliated with AMAZING GRASS!!!!!! So to shop Amazing Grass click on the fancy little box to the right! Support me and support a healthy lifestyle for YOU!!!

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  • Howdy Tera,

    Just wanted to say HI! lol and thanks for that tuna wrap recipe. I love tuna but have trying to figure out what I could mix it with instead of mayo to make it a bit healthier. I LOVE hummus so that sounds great. Going to have to try that soon. I’m trying to healthier food choices with the pregnancy especially since I still haven’t been given the full go-ahead for the workouts. Thanks again.


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