Two Mile Tuesday

Two Mile Tuesday

So this week has been CRAZZZZYYYY busy and the weird thing is I don’t even feel like I’ve accomplished that much. I haven’t set foot in the gym all week… GASP…. I know right? But I have been doing Jiggle Free January and lifting here at home and there was that one day, Tuesday- guess where this is going, this week I thought it would be fun to run OUTSIDE and do my loop that has all the HILLS in it. pace was sllllooooooowwwww and I couldn’t feel my fingers after, despite wearing gloves, BUT my Nike Dr-Fit Headband from Kohl’s kept my ears super warm and I really did feel good after. As I was running, in between bouts of cursing and teeth chattering, I started thinking about how good it did feel to get out and how good it feels to even get some time on the treadmill and then a little light bulb went off….. I thought what if every Tuesday I pledged to get out, or get on the treadmill, and do 2 miles?! I mean that would be great for my sanity, for my health…’s totally do-able!! But wait I know some of you are like” But Tera I can’t do Tuesdays…..” guess what? You get 2 mile Thursday then! It doesn’t sound near as catchy but you have no excuse to not participate.

So here’s the plan….


Share, Pin, Instagram, Tweet, Facebook the photo below and pledge that starting Tuesday January 20th, 2015 you will walk, run, jog, cycle WHATEVER a minimum of 2 miles every week. This can be done outdoors or indoors according to weather and your comfort level. Speed and timing are not factors this is simply to GET OUT and GET MOVING. Use the hashtag #2MileTuesdayGGH when posting your pledge or activity to stay accountable.

So who’s with me?!!!

Healthy Wishes, T

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