Turkey Day Tips

America celebrates Thanksgiving in remembrance of the Pilgrims and settling the New World……

http://girlgonehealthy.com/turkey-day-tips/Ummm yea that’s EXACTLY what I’ll be thinking about tomorrow ;).

More like America celebrates “It’s Ok to wear Yoga/Sweat Pants and an over sized shirt to dinner”. So how can we enjoy this joyous day of face stuffing with out stretching our yoga pants to the extreme?

http://girlgonehealthy.com/turkey-day-tips/Take a look….

Moderation: your celebration is spread throughout the weekend– pace yourself. You can certainly enjoy all of the foods you love just not at lunch, dinner, or out of the fridge cold at 2 am on top of the actual planned meal.

http://girlgonehealthy.com/turkey-day-tips/Portion Control: Carbs/starches will be out in full force. Ex: sweet potato, mashed potato etc… Try and choose one starch and stick with it. Don’t double up, and remember corn is a starchy veggie so go easy…..or skip all together ;-).

Turkey: Stick with 1 to 2 decent sized slices. Turkey can be fatty and most cooks tend to baste with oil based or grease based juices. Do NOT eat the skin, I repeat DO NOT eat the skin!! If you love dark meat make sure it’s fatty free, the white meat is fine just don’t over load.

Bread: You little golden devil….Try to steer clear, it will fill you up quick and make you hungry again faster. Have one roll if you must, but remember they are empty carbs and you know you want pie ;).

Alcohol: Sugar sugar sugar, limit to one glass of wine, one beer, one cocktail. I have said it before, the more you drink the more you eat! Plus if your tipsy you make bad food choices…..and you will feel guilty later-NOT WORTH THE EXTRA BOOZE!

Dessert: My fave portion! If there is every kind of pie you adore included in the spread make up what I call the sampler! Take the pie piece ends The tip of the triangle, not the wide end) of each and that way you get to sample all of the delicious goodies with out eating huge pieces. http://girlgonehealthy.com/turkey-day-tips/Don’t Forget: load your plate with fresh veggies or side dishes that are steamed or baked. Watch things that are creamed….lot’s of sodium and carbs. Don’t be afraid to ask what something was cooked in or pass on something. Remember you are making a lifestyle change and situations like holidays are the perfect practice.

You can do this, just don’t go over board-stay focused and just say no. Tell your friends/family that you have made a decision to get Healthy and that you are making a Lifestyle Change for the BETTER.

http://girlgonehealthy.com/turkey-day-tipsWho knows, you may even inspire them to do the same!

Happy Thanksgiving and Healthy Wishes, T

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