True To You

I’ve been wanting to write this post for over a week now but thought that it may come across wrong. But when have I ever censored myself…..

Last week I arrived at one of my classes a little early so I plopped down in a chair in the waiting area and pulled out my phone. As I mindlessly scrolled through my Twitter Feed I began listening to a group of girls, or women I should say, chatting about their weekend and their day. One was carrying most of the conversation going on about how she walked/jogged the 3 miles from her house to the Y, hopped on the elliptical and did 6 miles followed by the bike putting in about 8 miles and topping it all of with a series of weight intervals all before doing the 3 mile trek back to her home. This seemed to really impress her friends at the table and she gushed about how she was really losing weight and wanted to be challenged fitness wise. And then she really caught my attention, she said that she had heard my classes were really tough and she was pretty sure they’d be easy for her.

She had no idea I was sitting right there, and neither did her friends, and I instantly took a glance at her so I’d know who she was once we were in the room for class. I got up and gathered all of my things and headed down the hall to class. As my usual suspects filed into the room I greeted and chatted with them and then my new “friend” approached me. She let me know that she was new to class and heard that my classes were tough but fun. She also informed that she was really out of shape and didn’t work out much…..let’s back up a minute this is the same woman that just spouted a pretty rigorous work out routine to her friends! I was shocked, but then again I wasn’t…..I’ll explain in a minute I want to fill you in on our new “friends” experience with my class.

I explained to her that the class was tough but it’s fun and whatever she didn’t catch that it’s ok and to keep me moving. She seemed a little nervous as she made her way back to her friends, and not even half way through my class she gathered her things and left.

The whole point to me sharing this with you is that I used to be that girl. Before I stared my journey I was always dieting and working out and I was usually doing it with friends or co workers. While they would be actually losing weight and working out I was slightly eating differently and kind of walking a little around our neighborhood. When it came time to share how we were doing my stories were much like the woman’s from my class, they were what I wished I could do or had done and so far from what I really had been doing.

You have to be true to yourself and more importantly you have to have people around you that you can be honest with when it comes to losing weight and the feelings we have in regards to our body image. If you only lose 1 pound that’s OK it doesn’t have to be 5, if you only walk 1 mile it’s OK it doesn’t have to be 3, and if you mess up and have a binge or splurge it’s OK just get back on track.

Be true to yourself and be honest with your friends, family, partner or whom ever keeps you accountable. Don’t build yourself up so high that you’ll never live up to the standards you set.

Healthy Wishes, Tera

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