Trashy & Fabulous

So Thanksgiving has come and gone…..You’ve successfully tired out your “buffet pants”, maternity jeans (and you’re not pregnant), stretch pants, whatever you want to call those shameful pants that allow you a few extra dinner rolls and two slices of Nana’s pie.

It’s now Sunday and you’re facing a new week and the body staring back at you in the mirror is bloated, tired, and the realization that those fat pants are going to have to double as work pants has set in. So what do you do? Well by the looks of most of your emails instead of getting out of a food coma and being active, you’re choosing to wallow in more pie!!!

Put the pie down!!! Now I want you to calmly walk over to the fridge and pull out ALL of the Thanksgiving left overs. Go ahead I’ll wait….

Now once they’re all out on the counter I want you to do something that is going to blow most of your minds… the garbage can and throw them out!!!!

YES!!! The trash can is your friend!!!!

Feed the trash can those left overs not your waist line! This is the best way to prevent over indulging time and again! Trust me!

Now if you’re one of those people who are reading this and shaking your head saying: ” I can’t just let it go to waste!” “That’s like throwing away money!” or my fave “There are starving children in Africa who would love to have it”….then by all means put some into containers you don’t mind losing and donate it to your local food pantry. You can find a shelter/pantry/soup kitchen willing to take your left overs by visiting:

So either feed the less fortunate or feed the trash can, but DON’T feed yourself!!!

Now that we are feeling all motivated and ready to face a new week I think it’s time to set a Challenge for the month of December! There’s a catch though! This won’t just be a weight loss Challenge this will be an inside out make over. You will get yourself out of your comfort zone at least once a week, you will try one new food once a week, you will write in a journal a minimum of once a week, you will tell one person in your life your TRUE weight and check in with them once a week, and lastly you will set a realistic goal and not only meet it, but destroy it! So that will be 4 goals that will not only allow you to lose some weight before 2011 but allow you to begin a journey of self discovery!

If you’d like to participate please Tweet: @girlgonehealthy¬†4 weeks of Fabulous-I’m in! or Facebook on the GirlGoneHealthy Wall-4 weeks of Fabulous-I’m in!

I hope that you all have a wonderful week!!!!

Healthy Wishes-Tera

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