Tradition = PANCAKES

It has become a 4th of July GGH Tradition to whip up SUGARLESS Red, White, and Banana Pancakes! These are sooooo yummy and they are the perfect way to kick off America’s Birthday. Here’s your Sugarless Pancake goodie list: (This recipe makes a ton of cakes so cut in half to serve 1 or 2 people, seriously we have a freezer bag full of left overs and a huge bowl of fruit glaze)


-2 Organic eggs

-2 cups Light Soy Milk, I use Vanilla flavored

-2 tsp Vanilla Extract

-2 cups Wheat Flour, or whatever you use to bake with-it’s your preference

-3 tsp Baking Powder

-1/2 tsp salt

Beat eggs, milk, and vanilla together. Combine remaining goodies and stir into batter, just until smooth. DO NOT over mix, remember they’re pancakes so some lumps are OK. Heat non-stick skillet or griddle to medium high-ish heat and spray with butter flavored cooking spray. Ladle pancakes onto cooking surface or into skillet and allow to cook until top of pancake is very bubbly, then flip and cook until pancake is golden and moves easily with out oozing.


Fruit Glaze {Topping}:

-2 frozen packages Strawberries

-2 frozen packages Blueberries

-2 bananas, sliced-not to thick and not to thin give them a rough slice

For the frozen packages, I use the Target Market Pantry brand individual pouches of strawberries and blueberries.

Heat non-stick skillet coated with cooking spray to medium high heat, pour all fruit into skillet and constantly stir until bubbling. Heat all of the fruit until no longer frozen and it becomes glazed over.

Plate pancake and add a spoonful of fruit glaze to the top, and try not to stuff your face LOL :) . (I like to pick my blueberries out and eat them first… don’t judge)

Now after your thoroughly stuffed and satisfied get out there and get active!! It looks like it’s going to be a hot one for most of the good ol US of A so hydrate and burn those calories!!

Tune in tomorrow for my Watermelon Cilantro Feta Salad!!! And keep entering those giveaways!!!

Healthy Wishes, T

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