Tortilla Soup | Recipe

Tortilla Soup | Recipe

It’s getting a little chilly here in New England! The leaves are turning and falling, the scent of fires burning happily in fireplaces or in outdoor fire pits fills the evening air…’s FALL Y’ALL!! And that means crock pots, chili, soups and stews….NOM.

I thought I’d kick off the season of comfort food with a spicy little number, Tortilla Soup. This was super easy, super quick, cost very little to make, and the hubby downed 3 bowls like I was paying him to eat it ;-).

Check it out:

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Girl Gone Healthy’s Tortilla Soup

Tortilla Soup-1 bag frozen Tyson grilled chicken strips
-1 bag recipe ready frozen peppers and onion
-1 32 oz box fat free chicken broth
-1 can 98% fat free cream of chicken
-1 package Taco Seasoning
-4 cups water
In large skillet warm frozen chicken and pepper/onion mix until soft and not frozen/warm.
In separate pot combine water, broth, and cream of chicken allow to come to a boil.
Add taco seasoning and stir.
Add chicken and pepper/onion mixture to liquids, stir, and simmer while covered for 10 minutes.
Each serving is 1 cup, using measuring cup pour serving into bowl. Feel free to eat as is or garnish with a few tortilla chips.
(For WW people each serving is 3 points w/out chips)

What’s your favorite chili, soup, or stew?! Comment below and leave me a link to the recipe…. who knows maybe I’ll feature it!

Healthy Wishes, T

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