Today Is All About Me…Sort Of

Good Morning!

Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest and reflection. Well for those of you who know me I have no time for rest and I reflect while I’m running around doing a million things at once. Why rest/nap when you could be cleaning, training, baking, cooking, working…see no time!

But today will be different, sort of :). I was awakened by little guy at 7am! Figures when I actually want to sleep in and don’t set my alarm he woke up when the alarm would typically go off. Such is life…

Anyway, I got up and got movin’. I finished up some of the organization projects from last night and cleaned the kitchen. Now I just have to vacuum and dust the living room! Wooo Whooo!

I’m going to try and convince the hubby to tackle the rest of what we have to do later tonight when Zachary goes to bed. It’s such a gorgeous day I don’t want to spend it inside. Plus I have a pedicure appointment for noon so I wanna show my piggies off! I booked an appointment for my mother in law too, she could use some pampering.

For breakfast I am going to have some Fiber One Raisin Bran with Light Vanilla Soy Milk! I will have 1 cup cereal and 1/2 cup milk.


For training I think I will do some intense stretching. I am really tight from this past week at Fit World. I just need to relax and release. But I’m sure I will find myself at the gym putting in some cardio before they close :). Plus I want to run in my sneaks!

new sneaks

If YOU want to hit up Fit World’s cardio section follow the link below and check them out!!

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Check out the newest photos on the Fit World site too!

Well friends this living room isn’t going to clean itself! I hope you all have a wonderful day to wrap up your weekend, remember to stay hydrated. The more water you drink the more fat you flush and the happier you feel, so drink up!

See you tonight!

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