Tips for A Better Cardio Work Out

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Top tips and suggestions to improve your treadclimber workout
A cardio workout is an essential and very important part of your physical fitness routine and must not be neglected. A cardio workout not only helps you to improve your heart health but also provides several other benefits like improving stamina, burning calories and strengthening your back. One of the best cardio workout machines is a treadclimber which offers 3-in-1 benefits of a treadmill, an elliptical and a stepper. But often, we are not able to avail complete benefits of this machine by making some common mistakes. Thus for your reference, we have come up with a list of the top tips and suggestions to improve your treadclimber workout:

1. Increase the incline
By increasing the incline of the treadclimber or the treadmill, you can reap a lot more benefits than running on a flat angle. Running uphill will send the heart rate up and can also help you to burn a lot more calories. Some other benefits of increasing the incline of the bowflex treadclimber include improved strength of legs, better running form and better speed of spring.

2. Go hands free
Another way to improve your bowflex treadclimber workout is to go hands free. Most cardio equipments have a handrail provided for support and safety but it is better to let your hands go off the rails and move them front and back. By doing so, you will not only be concentrating on your lower body workout but also on the upper body workout.

bowflex-max-trainer3. Practice interval training
Another way to improve upon your bowflex max trainer workout is to practice interval training. Interval training is the training which involves alternate periods of high intensity workout and resting periods. This form of training maximizes your results and helps you to burn more calories in a shorter span of time.

4. Keep the pace up
A lot of us workout on the treadmill or treadclimber continuously for a long period of time but without keeping the pace up. This may help you to burn calories but it is always better to keep the pace up. Challenge your body by increasing the speed and varying the pace every now and then. Use an app to track your performance and see how well you do by increasing the speed.

5. Vary the pace
Another way to make the most of your treadclimber workout is to vary the pace continuously. By varying the pace, you tend to challenge yourself more and improve the overall effects of the workout session.

6. Use the buddy system
Take a buddy along with you next time you head to the gym. Having a buddy keeps the motivation levels up and also helps you to keep going on when you are about to give up. This makes the experience more enjoyable and the time appear less.

7. Be consistent
Another way to improve the workout is to do it regularly and remain consistent. This helps to show results faster and make you used to the experience.


****This is an informational post brought to you by a partner of, the opinions expressed in this post are that of the brand via****

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