There’s a New Taco in Town: Coconut Chicken Tacos

It’s rare that I actually stand in my kitchen and eat my dinner right off the baking sheet….. and say “oooooo”…. “yummmm” …. “oh my God why am I the only one eating these?” (Hubby works nights so that last part actually happens often)

Anyway, tonight that happend. I’m pleased to present Coconut Chicken Tacos (gluten free!)

Yum Yum Yum Yum…….. Do you want the recipe?!

Here it is!!

GGH Coconut Chicken Tacos:

 -1/4 cup coconut milk

-2 cups chicken

-1 cup mixed red pepper, green pepper, onion (I use the frozen pre mix)

-garlic powder about 1 tsp

-4 Ortega whole grain gluten free taco shells

In a large non stick skillet cook chicken until done and add pepper mix and garlic. Allow pepper mix to soften, and turn heat to simmer (pic 1). Pour enough coconut milk to just cover the bottom of the pan (pic 2) and stir until everything is coated. Allow coconut milk to evaporate (pic 3) and remove from heat. Place your taco shells into a pre heated 350 oven for 3 minutes to allow them to crisp up. Once shells are crispy spoon chicken mixture into shells, plate and devour ASAP!

This is a new favorite recipe for sure and I can’t wait to use the chicken in other ways other than as super deelish taco filling.

Questions to answer in the comment section:

Do you cook with coconut milk?

What’s your favorite non traditional taco recipe?

Healthy Wishes, T

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