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Allright I know I’m a few days late, but I’d like to take a moment to discuss televisions newest guilty pleasure, MTV’s Jersey Shore.

This show is The Real World with a lot of hair gel. These people are so crazy and full of themselves how can you turn away? Rhode Island’s own DJ Pauly D is on this show and ummmm yea…..your hair looks so much bigger in person. But I’m not going to spend my soap box time on Pauly D, I would like to take a moment to bask in the glory of “The Situation”, AKA Mike. You are by far the most awesome fist pumping riot evah! What is not to love about this guy who runs backwards on a treadmill, loves protein shakes/bars, can cook, has a hot body, and out sells everyone on his first day at work. So Mike, “The Situation”, I raise my glass of vino to you! Salute! And I know deep down inside that if I were born and raised in New England I would be right there with those girls talking like a man, smacking my gum, and I would sport the guidette poof with pride LOL. Rock on Jersey Shore…*pumps fist*!

That was fun!

Allright so it’s no secret that my weeks and weekends have been endless lately. It’s always something, or someone, or both. I prayed and prayed that this weekend would slow down a touch, and by golly it has so far! Today we were supposed to have closet doors installed and they cancelled….YES!!!! I was able to relax, enjoy coffee, bang out all 3 loads of laundry, do the dishwasher, and managed to get in some serious AB ball time all before my extremly hot shower. And after my shower I made a Double Berry Grass shake!!! Now that’s a Saturday morning.

Double Berry Grass Shake:


-2 cups light vanilla soy milk

-1 package each frozen strawberries/blueberries ( I use the individual single serve frozen pouches from Target-pre portioned!)

-1 scoop Amazing Grass

(I usually throw in 2 cups of baby spinach but I wanted to use what little I had for lunch)

Combine all goodies in blender, pulse until smooth, pour and enjoy! 210 calories of goodness!

While Zac was napping I decided to make a little lunch for the hubby and I before we vetured out for the day.

I concocted Chicken and Spinach Sprout Quesadillas! YUMMY

C.S.S. Quesadillas:


-1 bag Morning Star Farms Chicken Strips

-1 cup Bean sprouts

-1 cup Baby Spinach

-1/4 cup cheese

-4 wheat tortillas

-cooking spray

In large skillet coated with cooking spray, begin to warm chciken strips. Remeber they are pre-cooked and then frozen so you just need to warm them up. Once they begin to soften, add in bean sprouts and continue to brown. After about 5 to 10 minutes add in spinach stirring to combine everything. Cover skillet and allow spinach to wilt. Remove mixture from heat, and prepare additional skillet to grill up quesadillas. Place a tortilla on work space, top with cheese-spoonful of chicken mixture-more cheese and top with a second tortilla. Place quesadilla in hot skillet coated with cooking spray allowing tortilla to get crispy and then flip to brown the other side. Remove from heat once cheese is melted and tortilla is toasty!

Really tasty lunch!

This afternoon was grocery day, and due to the snow storm we had forecasted it was grocery day for all of Rhode Island. These people have lived here for a million years and they still panic! I wasn’t shopping to stock up for a Nor’Easter I was shopping because I was out of food LOL. We stocked up nicely though! This week’s menu will be diverse and totally all about the hubby! From Bison chili to stuffed zuccs and Dijon chicken I will be sharing some yummy stuff this week.

I’m hoping tomorrow goes as nicely as today. No basketball for the hubby tomorrow due to his shoulder and I think we will put the decorations on the tree! It’s up and pre lit but with no decorations LOL.

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and if you’re in New England or close to it, please be safe driving it’s wicked snowy out there!


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