The Next Level

This post is going to introduce the next level of Girl Gone Healthy!

If you happen to read my post: Follow Your Dreams then you know I’ve created a GGH Bucket List of sorts. While I have been pursuing several dreams on my list the one I’m going to introduce tonight is probably the one I’m most looking forward to, but also the one I think will fail.

I know that sounds so Debbie Downer…


But it’s true. This particular dream/goal could have a large impact on GGH and myself. So I guess the only thing to do is just put it out there. It will either take off or not….

I’m pleased to announce that I will be offering Meal Planning! This was something I was doing on the side with friends and family, but I’d really like to take it world wide LOL. Not that I don’t enjoy doing it for friends and family, but I think they’re bored with me ;).

Below is the pricing, package information, and contact email. Take a look!

The Basic: $20 a week

-5 breakfasts

-5 lunches

-5 week night meals

-3 snacks

-All meals/snacks complete with recipe and shopping list

Family Package:$30 a week

-Everything the basic has to offer PLUS lunch/snacks for the kiddos

Ultimate Planner: $50 a week

Everything The Basic and The Family packages have to offer PLUS 4 basic work outs tailored to suit you! (the workouts will advance as you become closer to your goal!)

(If you don’t have kids but would like the Ultimate it will be $40 a week)

Before I plan your meals I will meet with you via email to get a feel for you, your family, and whom ever else you might be feeding with the plans. This will ensure that I’m taking things your family already enjoys eating andf making them healthy. I will send your Plan out every Saturday night, this way you can have Sunday to shop/prep for the week. If you will be subscribing to the Ultimate I will also get a feel for your activity level this way we can get you fit in the safest way possible! (Local Rhode Islanders, I’m willing to meet you to go Grocery Shopping too! Reading labels is huge! Price is negotiable!)

If interested in getting started please email Tera at: subject: Meal Planning

All payments will be accepted via Pay Pal!

I’m really excited about sharing this with you guys!!! Hope you’re all excited too!

Looking forward to hearing some great feedback from everyone!

Healthy Wishes, T

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  • Great post Tera, I’m so excited for you! I’m sure you will succeed at this new venture, good luck!

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