The Day After……

Black Friday……

Oh day, after Thanksgiving… at 3AM, tons of left overs, running on caffeine and drive thru food, more left overs, football, more left overs, and then you realize that it’s now 4pm you’ve been up for hours and your pants wont button because of all of the food. Sound familiar? If so, please stop the madness! 😉

Seriously though, if you have been running around all day fighting crowds and eating tons of horrible food it’s time to put the debit card, coupons, and the Tupperware away! Take a rest and drink some water, and dare I say it……WORK OUT!

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Our Thanksgiving was really nice, especially because it wasn’t at our house ;). I wanted to take pictures of all of the food and every one’s plates but I promised the family I would “behave” and not shove the camera up in the food……but I did manage to sneak in some great shots of the desserts! That’s every one’s fave anyway right?!

We had Ms. Deb’s coveted Brownies:


My Jack Daniel’s Pecan Pie:


My Four Layer Delight:


And the array of pie’s and other home made goodies:


I sampled a bite of my Jack Daniel’s Pie and then thoroughly enjoyed a nice scoop of my Four Layer Delight! (recipe is on yesterday’s post)

As for my dinner, I had one long/thin slice of skinless white meat Turkey, carrots, green beans, and some of my Rosemary and Dried Cranberry stuffing!


Super yum! I only had the one plate and my veggie servings were the size of my hand and NO BREAD! To drink I had Light Cranberry juice and water. And NO LEFT OVERS came home!

And because we have little man we weren’t one of those people getting up to shop at 3AM, so I was able to get a good night’s rest. We also hit Fit World this morning to run and lift off what we did consume. I put in a mile on the elliptical, worked on the ab machine, then hit free weights for tricep work. After all of that I was so pumped I got back on the tready and ran a 1/2mile! My iPhone was on shuffle and Britney’s Stronger came on…..GREAT RUN!

To re-fuel after my work out I made a Blueberry Grass Shake!



– 1 1/2 cups Light Vanilla Soy Milk

– 2 cups Fresh Baby Spinach

– 1 package Frozen Blueberries ( I use the individually packaged Target/Market Pantry brand)

– 1 large scoop Chocolate Amazing Grass

Combine in blender, pulse until smooth, enjoy!


Soooo good!

As for my afternoon we did venture out into the Black Friday madness to snatch up a couple of gifts. We didn’t stay out long though, way to crazy!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and enjoy your weekend! I’m off to play with my little guy before I get ready for date night with the hubby!

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