The Cake Therapist

The Cake Therapist finished up my second book, The Cake Therapist, sent to me by my PR guru friend this weekend and while it was an easy read I don’t know if I honestly would’ve kept reading if I hadn’t promised a review.

Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t horrible it just wasn’t they type of book, I personally, got the “OMG I can’t put this book down” feeling from. I felt a bit lost the first time we traveled back in time, seemingly out of nowhere, and I kind of stayed there until the end where all of the loose ends were tied up.

I researched the author, Judith Fertig, and discovered that she was a cook book author which made perfect sense when I reflected on the deep descriptions she gave to all of the delectable desserts described and it also made me realize that CHOCOLATE is my flavor no matter what turmoil is present in my life.


If you’re looking for a weekend read, maybe something for the beach or pool that you can put down and come back to at your leisure then The Cake Therapist is the book for you!

Find more on Judith here: Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


Tell me what books have you been indulging in lately? Share in the comments below!


Healthy Wishes, T

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