That Hit The Spot!


That friends is contentment and satisfaction from that SPECTACULAR spaghetti dinner. YUM-O! It was worth the FOUR MILES I put in with Zachary tonight before I began cooking, for sure. I now feel the need to do some crunches though…hehehehe. Your Food Porn and Goodie List is below ENJOY:

-1 box Whole Wheat Pasta-I recommend Gia Russa it was the best all around for Food Facts

-3 large Organic Tomatoes-Roughly chopped

-1 large can Hunt’s SUGAR FREE Tomato sauce

-1 small can Hunt’s SUGAR FREE Tomato paste

-1 large bunch of fresh Basil-shredded and chopped pretty small

-1/4 cup EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

Cook pasta according to package/preference, meanwhile combine tomato sauce, tomato paste, and EVOO in small sauce pan and heat thoroughly, once warmed add in rough chopped tomato and basil, continue to stir keep on low only to keep warm. Once pasta is cooked and drained, add sauce into pasta pot and stir until evenly distributed. Pour into large serving bowl and sprinkle Parmesan cheese to taste! VOILA! Perfecto! I also sliced up a nice FRESH Rosemary loaf of bread from Whole Foods Market to serve alongside! MMMMMM







It really was tasty and I probably served myself a cup, and that’s being generous. There is a huge bowl of left overs!!! The Rosemary Loaf was divine too!!! Perfect flavor, not overpowering…mmmm

I shall now leave you to enjoy your Sunday night! Whether it’s TV on the couch with your loved one’s or Fireworks at the St. Mary’s Feast here in Cranston, RI please be safe, snack healthy, and get to bed early tomorrow is MONDAY people!

Speaking of Monday, we have a very important doctor’s appointment tomorrow for my son so I’m not sure if I will be on in the morning! You mom’s know how it is when you have to be somewhere at a certain time…..there just aren’t enough hours in the day :)! I will keep you posted on what the GI doc’s have to say!

Good Night!

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