Thank You!

Good Morning!

Thank you all so much for the overwhelming flow of recipes! I spent a good two hours sorting and putting them onto recipe cards w/notes last night. I can’t wait to modify some of your sweet treats to make them just as tasty but with lower cals/carbs/sugars!!! YUMMY, I definitely had sweet dreams.

This morning it is 58 degrees outside and drizzling, no park miles again :(. I have become reacquainted with the bike and that’s kind of nice. I like that I can mindlessly pedal and here the TV rattling in the back ground and all of sudden it’s been 15 minutes and I’ve gone 6 miles! I feel like I’m relaxing and working out at the same time. I might possibly be getting a membership to Gold’s Gym with a friend……kinda nervous. I have always enjoyed working out in a gym setting, as I LOVE people watching, but I always very self conscious. I always felt like the really in shape people were staring at me like I shouldn’t be there. On an even funnier note, I WORKED at a gym about 4 years ago or so. That was a real treat. But now 80 pounds lighter, just thinking of running on a treadmill in “public” get’s me nervous!!!! I want to take classes and enjoy myself, you know use it as MY time away from home to release stress and SWEAT! I know once I sign up I will get over my “fear” and just DO IT, but as usual I over-think things :). Have any of you ever been nervous about a gym membership, or working out with a friend at the gym? Let me know, let’s start a discussion!!!

So I’m pretty starved this morning and I can’t decide between Gluten Free Pancakes, a mix from Trader Joe’s I want to try, a Blue Banana shake, or sugarless pancakes…..which are way healthier than the Gluten free mix! I dunno…….

But my stomach says hurry up and choose lady!

Work out plan for today is:

Bike 7 miles


AB work out!!!! NEED IT!!!!!

I will be back later on with what my stomach chose for breakfast, how the work out went, and what activity we will be doing for the afternoon. It’s not supposed to be very nice today, so who knows, and Ryan has class tonight!

Hope everyone has a Terrific Thursday!

2 thoughts on “Thank You!”

  • Tera, I was that way in the beginning, when I joined the Y I always thought the same thing, but come to find out, the ones who are really buff and in shape are actually checking themselves out in the mirror. If you go about the same time of day you will run into the same people, it was my time with my YMCA friends.

  • i know exactly what you are talking about. my problem is i swear i have a sweatt problem. i look like i have been sprayed with a waterhose by the time i leave. it feels good to sweatt that much, but it can still be somewhat embarassing! not sure there is anything i can do about it but it makes me self conscious. get out there and go!! dont let anyone or anything hold you back!! 🙂

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