Thank God For Sunday Night TV!

What we would we do with out mindless TV for an escape mechanism?!

Today was a low key day for us. We ran up to Emerald Mall to pick up a few things for this week and walked around for a bit. It was super crowded so it wasn’t a leisurely mall trip but we did find everything we were looking for. After the mall we stopped at Target and purchased a lot of stuff we didn’t need LOL.

After our little shopping spree Zachary and I came back to the house to relax and watch a movie (I’m super exhausted today) and Ryan took off to Fit World! We had said we were going to take the day off but I guess Mr.GGH decided he needed to pump some iron LOL. I’m ok with taking the day off because I have Kick N Abs tomorrow morning with Lea! I’m sure after my admission of singing Britney and Justin tunes in the mirror we will be Kickin’ A$$ to my own personal sound track. If you want to join me at Fit World tomorrow for FREE follow the link below!

Go to and print your coupon today!!!

Before I sign off for the night I just wanted to thank all of you for your prayers and condolences. The support of GGH is overwhelming, I LOVE it!!!

Plus, don’t forget tomorrow I start my 100 Day Goal! Ellen here I come!!!! Sooooo excited, hard core diet again, training like crazy I will be fit as a fiddle!!! If you are going to take on your own 100 Day Challenge let me know!!! I want to support you and share your journey with the GGH world!!!!

Have a fabu nite!

Sweet Dreams! One of my FAVES!!! Coconut Cream Pie!!!


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