Texas in Rhode Island

It’s no secret that I lived my first 20 years of life in the great state of Texas!!!

From the prairie to the mountains to the amazing beaches that Galveston and South Padre Island have to offer, Texas is the greatest place on Earth, well next to NYC/Manhattan LOL.

But Texas isnt just home to laid back people and gorgeous scenery, it’s also the HUB of one of life’s greatest eats….BBQ!

This is a true art form and a celebrated one in the south. I’m partial to BBQ brisket and no one I mean no one makes it like my Dad and Joe’s BBQ Co in my home town of Alvin, TX…..

Until Rubbin Buttsright here in Cranston, RI opened this month. This Northerner is smoking meats, whippin up sides and corn bread that would make my Nana say “Oh My” and even throw out a “Bless Your Heart”! Check out this plate!

And that’s not even a full serving!!!! The price is insanely cheap and the food is fresh, seasoned just right, and served with a thanks for your business and a smile!

From the adorable simple country decor with a splash of New England culture to the always smiling faces behind the counter, Rubbin Butts is truly my piece of Texas in Rhode Island.

To my new friends at RB so sorry this post took so long to get up, and keep doin what you’re doin!!!

Stay tuned to posts this week featuring some awesome PRODUCT reviews!!!! Just a sneak peek of what I’ll be chatting about:

Zone Perfect Bars

Cocoa Jewelry

Love and Tea

and so much more!

And I’ll be sharing recipes and thoughts/feelings from the Spring Cleanse I’ve been doing…..here’s a hint I haven’t been posting because I have no energy….

Have a Healthy Week- T

3 thoughts on “Texas in Rhode Island”

  • OMG. one of my friends sent me the link to your site. I nearly burst into tears seeing the bluebonnets. I am from Grand Prairie TX and moved to RI in 2005. I feel like a stranger in a strange land sometimes, but am now addicted to DD and lingicua (did I spell that right?) 😉 Hoping to move back within the next couple of years. I will be sure to follow your posts now and also interested in getting healthy. So glad to “meet” you, and hurray for the BBQ!!!!!!

  • Yum! That looks delicious! I love good BBQ. 🙂

    Can’t wait to hear about your cleanse experience.

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