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It’s the weekend!!!!!!!

Sorry I haven’t been posting but I have been cooking up a storm! I have several new recipes to share, and I think I will just lay them out all together. From Tilapia to Granola…..I’ve been busy! So grab a pen and the recipe cards, you’re gonna want to copy these!

Southwestern Tilapia with Couscous and Mixed Green Salad topped with Pita-tons:

-large piece of Tilapia, or any white fish. (Have your fish monger clean it for you so that it’s ready to cook when you get home.)

-1 packet Southwestern marinade (I actually used the hamburger grill mates for mine)

-1 lemon for juice purposes

-2 tblspoons EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)

Combine EVOO and marinade in packet in small bowl, stir until combined. Pour marinade over fish and place in fridge, covered for 2 to 4 hours. Once marinaded, place on greased baking sheet, top with lemon juice and allow fish to bake in pre-heated 350 oven for 20 to 25 minutes depending on fish size/thickness.

(My couscous was instant, I just followed the box instructions ­čśë )


-3 small Whole Foods Organic Pitas (sliced into small triangles)

-Olive Oil

-Sea Salt

-Italian Seasoning

Heat Olive Oil in large “frying” pan, place pita triangles in hot oil and allow to “fry” on each side. Once golden brown remove and plate. Sprinkle Italian Seasoning and Sea Salt while chips are hot! Allow to cool thoroughly and enjoy!!


Mixed green salad was topped with Fat Free Balsamic Vinaigrette

Vegetable Meatloaf with Baked Onion Rings:

-2 pounds 96/4 lean ground beef

-1 packet Lipton instant vegetable flavored soup mix (like the kind you make dip with)

-1/4 cup sugar free tomato puree

-1 egg

-1/4 cup bread crumbs ( I pop weight watchers wheat bread into my food processor and make my own to keep on hand)

-tsp sea salt/black pepper

Combine egg, tomato,crumbs, salt, pepper, and soup packet in large bowl mixing well. Add in beef and continue to mix until wet ingredients are incorporated into the beef. Place beef in loaf pan or 8X8 baking pan that has been sprayed with cooking spray. Bake in pre-heated 350 oven for 30 to 40 minutes or until meat is done through out.

Baked Onion Rings:

-slice 2 large onions into thin slices, set aside

-1 cup light soy milk

-1/4 cup egg whites

-1 cup panko bread crumbs

-1 tsp each: cayenne pepper, oregano, sea salt, black pepper, garlic powder (more for taste if you like)

In one bowl combine soy and whites, whisk together. In second bowl combine all DRY ingredients. Take an onion ring, dip into soy mixture then dredge through dry mixture. Place battered ring on greased baking sheet and repeat until all rings are battered. Bake rings in pre heated 350 oven for 30  minutes or until batter is crispy.

Girl Gone Healthy Mediterranean Granola:

-3 1/2 cups oats

-1 1/2 cup Agave

-2 tsp Vanilla Extract 

-1 tsp all spice

-1 tsp cinnamon

-pinch of sea salt

The next ingredients are to your taste, use as little or as much as you’d like.

-dried figs

-dried apricots

-dried cherries

-unsalted roasted sunflower seeds


Combine all ingredients EXCEPT Agave and Vanilla in large bowl, and mix until combined well. Slowly add in Agave and vanilla stirring mixture constantly. Once combined, spread onto greased baking sheet. Allow granola to bake at 350 for 30 minutes stirring every 8 to minutes. Allow granola to cool and store in air tight container.

How’s that for some yummies?! But I haven’t just been COOKING…..I’ve been reviewing too! Check out what came in the mail for me yesterday!

Goodies from Goji Gourmet!!!!!! Look at all of the wonderful snacks and INFO!!!! I love LEARNING about the products not just munching them!

And of course I went for the CHOCOLATEgoodies first! Goji Cherry Cacao…..I heart you!

Here’s a closer shot of the lil cutie!


Can’t wait to snack on all of the others!

Okeating aside I have been hitting the gym! I actually ran my fastest mile this week, lifted the most weight, and I’m not really that sore….I feel good. I did take today off though. Zachary had therapy and we are trying out a Pressure Vest for the week! With in the first 5 minutes he was so calm. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful team and I love seeing Zachary hug them and smile at them.

Check out Zac Attack in his vest…..

He’s like, “Mom does this Pressure Vest make me look fat?!” LOL it goes underneath his clothes and it’s like a constant hug! We LOVE it!

I hope you all have an awesome weekend! I think we are hitting the Children’s Museum so watch for those pics!

Goodnight and sweet dreams!

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