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Good Evening!

I am posting tonight with super exciting news!!! Girl Gone Healthy is expanding! I am now a Certified Independent Beachbody Coach!

I could not be more excited about this amazing oppourtunity. I would like to thank MY wonderful Coach Lauren Shields for guiding me through this process and for believing in me!

BUT, this is not just an amazing opportunity for me, but for all of YOU as well. Through Beachbody I will still be able to keep Girl Gone Healthy as it is, but I will be able to provide you with awesome products too! From Workouts to Nutrition, Girl Gone Healthy is stepping it up a notch. I will be featuring a NEW Beachbody product everyday in what we call BB Spotlight! This will allow you to learn a little about each product, and how you can purchase it. The BB Spotlight will be at the end of every post, so you’ll get the Girl Gone Healthy you’re used to first. I hope you’re all just excited as I am, and if you’re a fan of Beachbody or are interested in learning more about it you can contact me at:

If you Follow me on Twitter then you might have seen that I had to write a paper for my hubby today……a 4 page business proposal for his English class! It was so tedious, and I had to reference EVERYTHING. So that took up the bulk of my morning. However to relax I did take 40 minutes to do Yoga Booty Ballet’s Light and Easy. After that I was feeling so great and I realized I needed something to munch on. My brother bought us a super nifty Panini Maker for Christmas, and yes I realize it’s March, and I thought I would give it a whirl today! I made a nice little brunch like sammie, check it out:

Egg and Cheese Panini:

-2 slices Great Harvest 9 Grain Bread

-2 egg whites, scrambled

-1 slice soy cheese-cheddar flavor

-3/4 cup spring mix

Cook up your eggs however you like and set aside. Assemble your sammie by layering cheese, egg, and then spring mix. You may need a little I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter spray for your bread so it doesn’t stick. Place fully assembled sammie into the Panini Maker and press away!

Super yummy! Once I was finally done with the paper we ventured out, in the not so great New England weather, to grab some Starbucks and get the Zac Man out of the house. I also decided that the hubby should be in charge of dinner since I was mentally exhausted, and he of course opted for not cooking. (By the way Guy Gone Healthy does NOT cook LOL) So we ran thru Chipotleand grabbed a HUGE Vegetarian Burrito (sans rice of course) to share. This thing is so monstrous that it would be like 3 meals for me, and I didn’t even finish my half.

So good but so filling. I ate my half for lunch AND dinner, now that’s more bang for your buck! Oh and there’s no better after dinner treat than So Delicious Purely Decadent Ice Cream!!! This was my first time to purchase So Delicious in Ice Cream form and it is every bit as Delicious as the carton says! I went with the Mocha Almond Fudge, and it lives up to it’s name! Two bites was just enough to satisfy my sweet tooth and know that this will definitely be my sweet treat of choice!

Check this shot out!


Allright so let’s do our first BB Spotlight! Tonight I want to focus on what is probably the coolest product in our line up, Shakeology!

Simplify your nutrition with Shakeology®, the Healthiest Meal of the Day® 70 Nutrients in EACH SHAKE. (That’s your whole days worth of fruits and veggies in one glass!) Each shake helps you increase energy, become more regular, lose weight, and feel great.* When you choose Home Direct, our monthly autoship program, you get FREEbasic shipping every month, plus 2 FREE gifts. You can choose single serve packets for on the go, or a keep at home bag-choice is YOURS and the Free shipping with either if you choose Autoship!

It doesn’t get much better than that! So go get your shop on!!!

That’s all for tonight folks!

Healthy Dreams!!!

We successfully raised $1,225 in 14 days!!! Please spread the word and let’s make it $2,000!! Make a donation to help fight Autism Spectrum Disorder. It’s for my Zachary!

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  • Purely Decadent coconut milk ice cream? Oh, yeah! Your pictures are making me salivate. I haven’t tried the Mocha Almond Fudge flavor, but now I am going to have to track it down. My favorite so far is Turtle Trails.

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