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To wrap up my review posts I’m going to fill you in on Love & Tea as well as a fantastic new company I’ve teamed up with called Cocoa Jewelry.

Love & Tea is all about Making Life Beautiful…..Check out their Message:

By using organic herbs that we and other small scale family farms grow, we carefully handcraft natural, health promoting herbal tea blends for the whole family. Our Woman’s Teas are blended to nourish women through the stages of pregnancy and beyond. And, remembering the rest of the family, we blend a creative collection of teas for anyone to enjoy anytime. We support living happily through natural health, positive vibrations, peace, sisterly and brotherly love, and taking loving care of this world. We grow some of our herbs here in our own organic herb gardens in the rich and fertile Vermont soil. The rest of our herbs we buy from small scale family farms who respect the earth, who farm the fields in a loving way, clean and organic.

The co-founder and Tea Artisan behind Love & Tea, Jen, was so nice to send me one of their more popular tea’s to try and use during my Cleanse. Love & Tea’s Spring Renewal Tea is INCREDIBLE. It’s earthy, minty, balmy, lemon-y, scent filled my entire kitchen and I could not wait to take the first sip!

A Cleansing & Revitalizing Spring Tea to support your body’s natural cleansing and renewing process.

 Caffeine Free
(Loose tea, 2.4oz , makes over 30 servings!)

Enjoy this tea hot or iced!

 Organic Ingredients;  Peppermint, Nettles, Oat Straw, Red Clover, Eleuthero Root, Licorice Root, Dandelion, Burdock Root, Ginger, Safflower.

For more on the benefits of the Spring Renewal Tea please visit  http://artfultea.blogspot.com/2011/05/spring-renewal-tea.html and as an added bonus use coupon code SPRING at check out to save 10%-A big Thanks to Jen for that deal! xo

Now let’s talk JEWELRY!!! It’s no secret that I like getting all dolled up and hitting the town, and in getting all glam I love picking out incredible one of a kind accessories to jazz up an outfit. I am so EXCITED to have teamed up with Cocoa Jewelry and offer you, my GGH readers, exclusive access to awesome jewelry. Just look at the AMAZING pieces they sent me this week!

I love every piece and the detailing/quality is top notch. These pieces are only a few of the stunning items available in the new Summer line up. You can shop Cocoa Jewelry  by clicking  the previous text link or by clicking on the ad in the right side bar.

Be sure to check out the $10 necklace and earring section that’s where this GORGEOUS piece came from! LOVE! And as always I love to throw you guys even more LOVE by providing you with an awesome coupon code to use at check out- Use code girlgonehealthy and save 25%!!!!!

What a fantastic week of goodies!!!! I hope you all had a great Holiday weekend and I really think you should go shop to finish it off!!!

Healthy Wishes~T

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