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Red Tent Event Rhode Island

I’m so excited to attend my first Event of 2013 as Girl Gone Healthy! I will be hosting a table at The Red Tent Event RI, tomorrow March 24th at The Rhodes on the Pawtuxet […]

Preparing Your Body

So I am surrounded by pregnant people. Literally surrounded…..in my “real” life, in my online/blogging life, friends back home etc etc… I just can’t escape the pregnancy or birth announcements. This is a bit of […]

The Other Side

The other day I did a post on working out and I have to say it was my most popular post in a long while. I decided to attack “the other side” of working out […]


Hey there! Happy Friday to my working GGH’ers! I hope that you all had an amazing week, working or not. Today was a typical Friday here at Rancho Norberg….not sure where that came from LOL. […]

Day 49-Foundation

It’s SUNDAY! I’m overly excited that it is Sunday because I can’t wait until Monday! You may ask yourself “now why in the world would Tera be excited about Monday? No one likes Monday!” Well […]

Day 36-Still Here LOL

Well hello there! OK so we were going to go out of town for the night but we realized that we wouldn’t leave until 4 ish, we would get caught in rush hour traffic, not […]

Day 33-Sleepy Girl

Hello!! Just gonna put it out there right now…..I’m so sleepy tonight! I have no idea why, could be because we were non stop all day! We hit Chuck E Cheese this afternoon, super fun! […]

Day 27-June Cleaver

Happy Saturday! How is everyone this morning? I hope that your Saturday is packed full of fun and healthy activities, or maybe you’ve been super busy and today you can relax! Whatever the case, I […]

Did You Just Call Me A Tweep?!

Good Evening Friends! I hope everyone had an amazing Thursday! We had a very busy Thursday and I managed to accomplish only half of what I set out to do. But I have to look […]

Orginization is KEY

Good Afternoon! I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend so far! Are you doing anything fun or making a delish dinner?!! Whatever your activities may they bring you tons of happiness! For those of […]

What A Day…

Hello GGH World! I hope that all of you are happy it’s Friday! I didn’t even realize it was until about noon, LOL. Today was one of those days where I accomplished absolutely NOTHING on […]

Hotel Sheets…

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone has had wonderful weekend! We had the best night last night! We had our newlywed friends, George and Ashley, over for Bison Tacos! They are fans of Mexican food so […]

Power Yoga….Namaste….

Ahhhhhh and Good Afternoon…….. That was a sigh at the beginning and not a scream BTW ūüėČ I went to Power Yoga with instructor¬†Gary¬†at Fit World ¬†this morning. I have to say I was a […]

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