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Day 24, No Sleep!

Good Morning or is it afternoon now?! My little guy kept me up from 2am until 5:30am this morning. He just wasn’t tired! He was running a low grade temp so I thought if I […]

Day 22, Does It Make A Difference?

Good Monday!!!! How is everyone doing on this Monday? Are you working, playing, maybe making a delicious snack? I personally am chopping away on a Myoplex Lite Bar, I’d show you a picture but it’s […]

Day 17, I’m BEAT…..

Friends this is gonna be a short one! I have been going NO STOP since 5:30AM and as I type this sentence it’s 10:34PM! YAWN…….. The whole day was spent running around to gather items for the […]

What A Day…

Hello GGH World! I hope that all of you are happy it’s Friday! I didn’t even realize it was until about noon, LOL. Today was one of those days where I accomplished absolutely NOTHING on […]

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