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My 1st Healthy Vacation

HOWDY!!! I apologize for being away for so long but I just returned from a 10 day vacation with my family in TEXAS!! ┬áThis vacation was special for a few reasons, the first being that […]

Texas in Rhode Island

It’s no secret that I lived my first 20 years of life in the great state of Texas!!! From the prairie to the mountains to the amazing beaches that Galveston and South Padre Island have […]

“Healthy” Comfort Food

Hey there! Let’s just dive in! As you may know I’m originally from Texas! When you think Texas you think FOOD, good food, fried food, food guaranteed to clog your arteries LOL. I grew up […]

What A Hot One….

Well Summer finally showed up in New England! It was 94 today! To my Texas GGH world….I know to y’all┬áthat’s nothin’ :). This afternoon we just played around the house and in the not-so-hot tub […]

I Love A Rainy Night…

Good Saturday to ya! Here’s a little fun fact of the day: August 1, 1775-The first article proposing women’s rights in America was written by Thomas Paine for the Pennsylvania Magazine, of which he was […]

Rain Boots…

Good Evening! Today turned out to be a nice day after all! Zachary and I were able to stop by the park for some much needed outdoor fun, we swung by the mall to get […]


Hello Friends! Today has been quite possibly the BEST DAY!!! I have really been working hard on this site being everything I imagine and want it to be. The support that GGH is gaining is […]

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