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Day 54-Girl Gone Asian!

Evenin’! All right so we have gone Country, Italian, Mexican, and now I’ve gone Asian! I was feeling creative after reading all of your amazing recipes from the Stevia contest. Here I made you guys […]

Day 24, Wicked Wednesday!

Good Evening. (Imagine me saying that in a Dracula accent LOL) So today was a long day because I was tired but it was fun! Ry cleaned out the garage, Zac and I did an […]


Ok so today totally kicked my behind! It all started with Lea in Kick N Abs class, she wore me out. As I said earlier the hubby was playing demolition man all day, so Zac […]

I DID IT!!!!!!!

Good Evening Friends! What a day, whew….EXHAUSTED! Ryan was back to work today which meant it was a Mom and Zac day!!! We ran all over the place from Target to Whole Foods while on […]

Groceries, Park, A husband, And 2 new teeth!

Good Evening Friends! Well what a day we had here in New England! So as I said earlier The Weather Channel predicted impending doom for all of this afternoon…..and it lasted for about 45minutes! Zachary […]

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