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Fruity Friday

Just wanted to pop in quickly and share with you the 2 smoothies that have been keeping me going this week! I love to eat breakfast but can’t do it first thing in the morning […]

So, I’m Not As Bad A$$ As I Thought….=)

Good Afternoon! I was up┬ásuper early this morning in anticipation of my first visit with Iron Woman Paula at Fit World. I laid my clothes out last night before bed and everything. When I arrived […]

Food Network, A.K.A Food Porn

Good Afternoon! I really have to stop watching Food Network! Especially when I’m hungry and trying to get lunch/dinner ideas. I LOVE Paula Deen I want to be friends with her LOL. Ryan says that’s […]

Is this week over…..

Good Afternoon Friends! Did you ever have one of those weeks that never ended? That’s where I’m at…..next week just has to run smoother. This post is going to be short for now….the lovely techies […]


Good Morning! So as I have stated many, many, many, times the eating lifestyle we follow now is still fairly new. I have always enjoyed SWEETS, love them. Any kind really, as long as it’s […]

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