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Fruity Friday

Just wanted to pop in quickly and share with you the 2 smoothies that have been keeping me going this week! I love to eat breakfast but can’t do it first thing in the morning […]

AMAZING Giveaway

I was so excited to receive this in the mail last week! That is a whole lotta awesome right there! These are the fab new products that Amazing Grass has to offer!!! You can score […]


Hey there! Happy Friday to my working GGH’ers! I hope that you all had an amazing week, working or not. Today was a typical Friday here at Rancho Norberg….not sure where that came from LOL. […]

So Fun…

Happy Monday! Today was a super crazy busy day! But super fun! This morning I had to wake Zachary up….YAY! We slept in until 8:30am so nice. Then it was up and movin’. I started […]

PROBAR Winner!

Hey it’s Tuesday! I personally adore Tuesday…..because it’s ZUM-Day!!! I LOVE Zumba! It’s as close to dance class as I can get. It feels so good to re-connect with that part of my past. Dance was […]

Day 79- Zumba=Mexican Food

Happy Tuesday! I simply love Tuesday! Why do i love Tuesday? Because for me it’s Zum-Day, translation: ZUMBA DAY at Fit World. Bernie pulled out some new routines for class today. I was sweating by […]

Day 30-Choices

Happy Tuesday Friends! I want to start by apologizing for my rant last night. I even gone as far as deleting the negative part of it! If anyone out there understands where I’m coming from please […]

Day 16, Lot’s To Write

Hello…..this is me super tired! How was everyone’s day today? From those of you that I heard from, looks like it was good one. I was little Miss Journalist today. The magazine that I free […]

Day 6, GGH International?

Mornin’ or I should say Afternoon! How is everyone’s Saturday going? Ours is crazy rainy, thank you Tropical Depression Danny. It’s so dark out it feels like 7 o’clock or something. Anyway, let’s catch up! […]

He Lost The Battle, But He Taught Us How To Win The War

Good Afternoon. As some of you already know we lost my Father In Law yesterday afternoon. He literally held on for as long as he could and he fought a great battle. Some look at […]


Good Afternoon Friends! Monday mornings typically are my fave but this morning was a little different. On any morning that I take a class Ry, the hubby, watches Zachary. Zac and I usually take a […]

Pita Chips, I LOVE You

Good Sunday Evening! Today actually turned out to be a random but really nice day. I had my pedicure done at noon with my mom in law, so nice to spend time with her. She […]


OK, so I have received and found some really YUM-O recipes that I want to share with all of you! Some of these will definetly need to be modified to suit whatever “diet” or lifestyle you […]

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