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Two Mile Tuesday

So this week has been CRAZZZZYYYY busy and the weird thing is I don’t even feel like I’ve accomplished that much. I haven’t set foot in the gym all week… GASP…. I know right? But […]

I’m Me, and that’s OK!

I went to Spin class for the first time last night in ages…..and now I remember why it’s been ages LOL. Don’t get me wrong I loved having my bossĀ as my instructor and get the […]

Working Out

When it comes to losing weight the first things you hear are, “eat healthy and exercise”. Pretty easy right? For some it’s just the opposite. I spend a ton of time talking about healthy eating […]

Leftovers Are Your Friend

Let me set the scene…… It’s dinner time you don’t feel like cooking and you’re standing in front of the fridge staring at a sea of half full Tupperware containers. (Side Note: It’s my movie […]

Day 53-Spin

Good Afternoon! I have to start out by sharing this AMAZING deal from Amazing Grass! They are running a limited time promo of 40% off the Amazing Meal bulk containers!!! Simply click on the little […]

Day 46-Fuel To The Fire

Well well well……. I think we should all stand up and applaud for the end of Day 1 and the incredible progress that was made! You guys are running full force to get what you […]

Day 27-June Cleaver

Happy Saturday! How is everyone this morning? I hope that your Saturday is packed full of fun and healthy activities, or maybe you’ve been super busy and today you can relax! Whatever the case, I […]

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