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Day 35-Whistle While You Work

SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY! Good afternoon friends! I hope everyone is having an amazing Sunday afternoon to top off an amazing weekend. We are having some rainy weather today, all day for that matter, so it’s […]

Day 25, Cardio-Shopping-Mickey Mouse

Good Afternoon! I feel sooooo much better this morning. Mr.Zachary did not keep me up all night, he woke up once at 2am for a drink of water and went right back to sleep until […]

Day 8, Do I Drink In My Sleep?

Good Monday Friends! Let me just start by saying that every morning for the past week or so I wake up feeling like a drank a liter of Vodka! So weird! AND I have only […]

Brunch and a COOK BOOK

Good Saturday! I hope everyone is having a wonderful sunny weekend so far. Last night was quite possibly the BEST night’s sleep my little family has had in a VERY LONG TIME! Zachary was pooped […]

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