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Why I’ll Never Be Lazy Again

I have been running around like a mad woman over the past few weeks and played hostess on Monday to friends and family for a Memorial Day BBQ and I didn’t really feel like cooking […]

Stomach Flu YOU WIN

I’m waving the white flag at this awful stomach flu that has taken a hold of my house since very early Tuesday morning. This little virus is one tough cookie and has been raving my […]

Miss Me?

Well hello!!! I have been MIA for an eternity I think! I finally met my match and it was in the form of the world’s worst upper respiratory infection. Friends, I have never been so […]

Back In The Saddle, sort of

Hey there long time no type! Long story short….I have been MIA due to a horrible stomach virus. It came out of nowhere and completely took me out! There’s been no gym and really no […]

Rough Few Days…

Good Afternoon, I apologize for being MIA for the past few days but I haven’t been feeling well and we have had some family issues going on. I appreciate all of the thoughts,prayers, and well […]

Under The Weather…

Good Afternoon…. I just wanted to pop on quickly and say hello, and that I’m really not feeling well today :(. I started feeling yucky yesterday evening and felt a little better last night, but […]

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