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Girlie Snacks

Hello Hello! So earlier on Twitter I was chatting about the Girls Night In we are planning for this Friday night (tomorrow) and it turns out lot’s of you are planning the same sort of […]

Man Style Eating

If you’re living in the USA then odds are you are either watching Sunday Football at your house, going to someone else’s house, or going to bar……regardless where ever you go there’s going to be […]

Day 76-Just A Reminder

Hello Saturday, you sure got here quickly! Wow this week has flown by for me. Most likely because this is an extremely crazy/busy weekend for me. If you Follow me on Twitter then you already […]

Day 52-So You Don’t Bake

Happy Hump Day! (Night LOL) Day 8 guys!!!! I was so happy to read the excited emails from some of you reporting the weight you dropped in the first week. That’s AWESOME be proud and […]

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