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The Other Side

The other day I did a post on working out and I have to say it was my most popular post in a long while. I decided to attack “the other side” of working out […]

Day 31- Calories Calories

Good Afternoon! I hope everyone is enjoying hump day. What did you guys think of Biggest Loser last night? Were you shocked that they made it to over 150 pounds? I have to be honest […]

Day 30-Loser and Tears-Them Not Me

Good Evening Friends! I’m watching Loser as I type, so sad this season. They are one emotional group this bunch. The guy from the Brown team is forever crying and it makes me so sad […]

Day 26-Where Are The Days Going?

Good Afternoon Friends! Day 26 already? Where did the time go?!! Can’t believe it. I totally switched up my morning this morning. I was up at 7AM and I just didn’t feel like working out, […]

Day 2 100 Challenge

Good Morning Friends! Today is Day 2 of the 100 Day Challenge! Thanks to those of you who have already contacted Ellen to let her know what I am trying to do, I appreciate it […]

Gettin’ Long and Lean

Good Afternoon! So this morning began with Pilates at Fit World with Lori! I love that this class is in the middle of my work out week because it helps to stretch me out. Pilates […]

King Ranch Chicken…

Good Evening Friends! Today was another HOT one! It was actually warmer than yesterday! I definitely didn’t want to stay home all day so I took this as a sign to go SHOPPING! I desperately […]

Hotel Sheets…

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone has had wonderful weekend! We had the best night last night! We had our newlywed friends, George and Ashley, over for Bison Tacos! They are fans of Mexican food so […]

Rough Few Days…

Good Afternoon, I apologize for being MIA for the past few days but I haven’t been feeling well and we have had some family issues going on. I appreciate all of the thoughts,prayers, and well […]

Pilates, groceries, and dinner ideas

Good Morning! Happy Hump Day to all of you working class GGH’ers! I’m hoping that the week is flying by for you and you have fun plans for the weekend. If you’re working here in […]

I’m a JOURNALIST, of sorts…

Hello! Oh friends today was finally the type of day I was looking for. I really believe that my amazing Pilates class kicking off my day, allowing me to release everything, helped make today perfect. […]

Pilates! & Egg Rolls

Hey There! First let me say THANK YOU to all of you who ordered Granola! That’s awesome! I love being affiliated with the Mix My Granola guys. The prices are awesome and with the FREE […]

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